Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012/12/18 Tuesday: Flu Shot and Reward

Gigi had a wellness visit, and both kids got their flu shots.

Then as a reward, we went to the mall and rode this ride (that Gigi immediately wanted out of) and got a bouncy ball.
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2012/12/17 Monday: Just Laying Around

Henry went to preschool, and Gigi and I went thrifting.  Much to Nick's relief, we didn't find much of anything.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012/12/16 Sunday: Skipping Church

Due to Gigi's illness, the kids and I had a quiet afternoon at home.
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2012/12/15 Saturday: Saturday is a Special Day

Pillow fight!

Such a busy day today.  It was full of great things.  Henry had a super hero themed birthday party.  At the same time, I had a baby shower to attend.  And the van wouldn't start (dead battery, think Henry left a dome light on.)  Charlotte spent a lot of the day with us and we had a great time. 
Nick went to Costco in the afternoon because we were out of everything.  I had him buy a giant box of Oreos to take as a white elephant gift to the annual Ugly Sweater Party.  I REALLY tried to find a babysitter, but never did.  Gigi had come down with a cough and runny nose, so Nick offered to stay at home with the kids and let me go.  The Oreos were popular in the gift game, and were even traded again after the game was over.  I ended up with a framed picture of my friend, in an absurd pose.  The funniest gift was a piece of Santa-themed lingerie, or perhaps the Hilary Clinton nutcracker (available at
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2012/12/14 Friday: They Have Big Shoes to Fill

Nick and I had dinner at the Sinai Holiday party at a Tapas restaurant.  It was a great evening, but both of our phones died, so I have no pictures.  Abby watched the kids at her house.  Bless her!
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2012/12/13 Thursday: It's Always Crazy

A self portrait, with two children on my back.

Jamie watched my kids (again, thank you) while I went to take some pictures of a very content and peaceful newborn.  It was a stark contrast to my own children.

And I didn't thank Erika for watching my kids Tuesday night, while Nick had a work dinner and I had a swimming class.  There's so much going on this week, I've been scrambling for babysitters, and have called in more favours than I was actually owed.  I am so grateful for all my friends who have been so generous with their time.
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2012/12/12 Wednesday: Twelve, Twelve, Twelve

Nick's new eye wear.

The kids and I went to a 12/12/12 party, which started at Noon of course.  We had lots of fun, and ate too many cookies.  We are so lucky to have such good friends.
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2012/12/11 Tuesday: Library Music, Scarf Dancing


Somehow, he was supposed to take a nap and ended up naked.
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2012/12/10 Monday: Super Fancy Dinner, Fancy Hair

I blogged at about how this meal resembled Harry Potter.
And a public shout-out of thanks to Jamie for watching our kids.

Mandi did my hair.  It looked amazing in person.
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2012/12/09 Sunday: Really Reverent


I substitute-taught Relief Society again today.  It's been one a month for the last four months.
Gigi never let anyone take her cute dress coat off, so no one ever saw how cute her dress is.  Last night outside she wouldn't wear a coat, inside she won't take it off.  Makes sense.
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2012/12/08 Saturday: Zoo Lights are Christmas Magic

We went to the Zoo, where we met Jamie and Miss C, for their annual Christmas Light event.  It was cold, but not nearly as cold as it's been in years past.  But Gigi refused to wear a hat or gloves, so it must have seemed especially cold for her.  But I guess she never got cold enough that a hat and gloves seemed like a good idea to her.  We visited some nocturnal animals, but they were still just laying around, which leads me to believe they lay around 24/7.

We rode the Merry-go-round.

As soon as it started, Gigi demanded to be pulled off the exotic animal she was riding.  Henry enjoyed riding his ostrich.

We made the mistake of letting the kids see the playground on our way out, which means we had to let them play on it.
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2012/12/07 Friday: Ikea Madness

Henry and Miss C played in kidland while Jamie, Gigi and I sped through the store.  Lunch followed.  Gigi managed to spill chocolate milk and juice.

We were very sneaky and bought the kids' Christmas presents without them finding out.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012/06/2012: Christmas Decor, Happy Birthday Kate

Henry put the angel on the top of the tree.

Gigi loves the "Little People" Nativity

The kids loved putting the ornaments on the tree, which means they're a little uneven, but we love it all the more.
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2012/12/05 Wednesday: It's Christmas Time

The "Little People" nativity is a big hit again this year.  Henry continues to do wild things with the pieces.  Georgia is much gentler and allows the Holy Family to rest comfortably in the stable.
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2012/12/04 Tuesday: Home, Sweet Home

Henry is in his Sheriff Woody pajamas, with the corresponding doll on the floor.

Henry is pretending to be a dog, and copying how Caesar loves to sleep on laundry.  Georgia is petting the dog.
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Monday, December 17, 2012

2012/12/03 Monday: Chicago Bound

When I went to bed, I had no children in my bed.  I woke up to two kids in my bed.  Georgia's hair reveals she's had a wild night.

Sad to say goodbye at the airport, but it's been fun!
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2012/12/02 Sunday: Gingerbread House

Our Super Kids

This was Iuliana's first gingerbread decorating experience, I think.  She and Miss A focused on the cookie tree, then joined in on the house.  I think she discovered frosting is trickier than it looks.  The kids ate more candy than they put on the house, as is to be expected.
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2012/12/01 Saturday: Train Museum, Ward Party

We did some grocery shopping, then Iuliana got to work on her signature soup, Moldovan Borscht.  It took a while to make but was delicious.  We took it to her ward party and I overheard several people call it their favorite dish of the evening.  The ward party had a very spiritual program, followed by a closing prayer.  Then families who wanted to were invited to stay and visit with Santa.  Henry was excited because he has caught on to the fact that Santa always has candy.  Santa was a softie, because he gave Gigi candy even though she wasn't willing to go anywhere near him.


Henry really enjoyed the first half of the program.  He was so tired from the time we spent at the park.

  There's a small train station museum at the park that is open on Saturdays, and they took us on the quick version of the tour since they saw with 3 kids three and under, we wouldn't last long.
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