Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday 7/22/2012: A Prodigy at Work

It's as if she already perfectly understands the art of dirt hauling.
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Saturday 7/21/2012: Just Hanging Around

We went to the annual unofficial residency summer party.  It left me with the distinct feeling that I just can't take these two anywhere.
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Friday 7/20/2012: Zoo with Toots, Then Goodbyes


We went to the Zoo with Toots.  We pet and fed Manta Rays.  Then we took Toots to the airport, and it took an hour-and-a-half to drive the seven miles to the airport.  Welcome to Chicago!
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Thursday 7/19/2012: Library Music Time

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Wednesday 7/18/2012: It's In Her Genes at MSI

Gigi learns to operate a crane.  She comes by it legitimately:  my grandpa owned a steel-working company, and used to give us rides in his crane in a basket.  Clearly, that was an OSHA violation.

 Henry and Jo Ellen learned about soy beans in the farming section of MSI.
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Tuesday 7/17/2012: Backyard Fun with Water


We played in our neighbors backyard with their kiddie pool.  Henry was willing to get it, just not to get his head wet.  They both loved sliding down to the pool. The world's cutest swimsuit was a birthday gift to Georgia from Megan.
Toots got here late last night.
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Monday 7/16/2012: Noodles for Lunch

Noodles & Company had the fancy Coke fountain, where you can customize dozens of flavors.  We tried grape Sprite Zero among others.
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Sunday 7/15/2012: Cute in Cowboy Boots

They are Ill fitting, and probably hot, but she still loves to put these boots on.
Photo by David Hatch
Photo by David Hatch
In the evening, we went to a ward open house to say goodbye to some families that are moving away.  Henry and Gigi loved playing outside with all the kids. 
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Saturday 7/14/2012: Cavalry, Charge!

She loves bouncing on Rody.

Now that Nick actually has some free time, he is grilling again.
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Friday 7/13/2012: Spoken Four and Carnival


A neighboring village had their annual festival, and we went specifically to hear our favorite band, "Spoken Four."  We had a lot of fun with the music, then let Henry ride a few rides and had a treat.  I'm really surprised that Henry wanted to go on the Dragon Roller Coaster.  He is the exact height of their minimum requirement, 36".  It had rained earlier, so not too many people were there.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tuesday 07/10/2012: Just a Bald Eagle

Real Eagle, Real Close.

I paid to have our picture taken at the zoo, just so we could get super close to a bald eagle. 
Totally worth it.  I remember one "happiness expert" saying to be happy, use your money to cover your basic needs, then buy experiences.  This was a very memorable $10 purchase.  The most astonishing part is that both kids and the eagle are looking at the camera.

Henry and friends watching sea lions.  Just before this he was having an epic meltdown.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monday 7/09/2012: Evening Playtime

Sunday 7/08/2012: Summer Evening Walk

We were all at church for all three hours for the first time in memory.  Amazing how much easier that is with Nick able to help.  The weather is now less than wicked hot, and an evening walk was actually pretty pleasant.  Henry is getting dangerously fast on his tricycle.
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Saturday 7/07/2012: MSI with Sharon N-Y

The kids and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and met our friend Sharon and her husband.  It was super fun, and I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the two of them. Sharon designs dresses, and two of them can be purchased at Shabby Apple.  Her brand is "Sharon Charles".
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday 7/06/2012: He's This Sweaty Indoors


We went to the McDonald's Play Place for lunch, since it's been too hot to play on the playground for days.  Henry was super sweaty from the exertion, and even with AC it was somewhere in the 80's indoors. 
Georgia waves hi, sometimes to no one, and often to herself in a mirror.
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