Sunday, March 29, 2015

2014/09/14 Sunday: Gigi in Red

2014/09/13 Saturday: Soccer Game

2014/09/12 Friday: Visit From Sarah Page

Phil entertained some extremely special visitors, Sarah and her mom, Sally.  We're so lucky Sarah had a Chicago wedding and made time to come meet the new guy.

2014/09/11 Thursday; Love this Guy

2014/09/10 Wednesday: Halloween Costume

I just found a Halloween costume for Phil.  He's going to be adorable.

2014/09/09 Tuesday: The Rest of the Deal

Part of the reason the bed I bought was just $25 was that it was missing a needed slat.  I went to Home Depot and Leo in lumber helped me select the appropriate boards and cut them to length.  I bought three just to be safe, even though we only needed on more.  They were $8, so now the bed really costs $33.  We already had the piece that supports the slat and reached the floor.  Nick just needed to drill a hole for it to be attached.  For the first time in our nearly 11 year marriage, we have an actual bed.  Our mattress and box spring have been on a simple metal frame up until now.

2014/09/08 Monday: The Boys

2014/09/07 Sunday: Minivan Movers

Frank is so cute, but you knew that.

I found an amazing deal from our local facebook resale page- a solid wood queen bed for $25.  The only problem was I couldn't get it home.  I asked Kate what she thought about renting a truck.  She said there was no need, and she was right.  She has amazing tie down skills.  This baby was not going anywhere.  I asked her how she had learned to do this.  She said in our family the real question was how had I not learned how to do this?  Touche.

2014/09/06 Saturday: Soccer and Special Visitors

After Henry's soccer game, we went to the airport to pick up little Frankie and Kate.

2014/09/05 Friday: Kid Picture

Photo by Henry of his turtle, Simon James Alexander Ragsdale III.

2014/09/04 Thursday: Family Wrestling

Obviously, this prolonged bedtime.

2014/09/03 Wednesday: More Phil

2014/09/02 Tuesday: Baby is Growing

He may still be a little baby, but he's a bigger baby than he was.  We had to remove the newborn positioning pillow because he was over the weight limit.

2014/09/01 Monday: Happy Labor Day

Gigi loves the swings.

2014/08/31 Sunday: Smiles & Fireworks

Caught a baby smile.

Watching the fireworks from the Italian Festival from the guest room window.

2014/08/30 Saturday: Fire Station & Weirdness

Playing Ingress led us to a local fire station.  Kids had a chance to climb into the fire truck, but neither one would.  The fireman we talked with turned out to have a mutual friend from Nick's work.

We decided to have dinner at the taqueria inside the grocery store across the street.  It turns out it had just closed, so I got suckered into buying them elaborate Popsicles instead.

We ended up going to the McDonald's closest to our house, and for a rare treat, went inside to eat.  After I took Gigi to the bathroom, someone told us that while we were away from our table a man came and drank out of our drink.  Gross.  I got a new cup of soda from the counter, which Gigi then spilled on the floor.  

There were far more people than usual there because of the nearby annual Italian festival.  Apparently, there was more weirdness, too, which is saying something.

Nick called, and after spending a day on the Lake on an attending's boat, needed me to pick him up.  But it turned into a fiasco because GPS can't tell the difference between Wacker Drive, Lower Wacker Drive, and the demon dungeon underbelly of Wacker drive.  That's right, there are three levels to Wacker Drive.  I had previously only known of two. 

2014/08/29 Friday: Phil & Nick

Saturday, March 28, 2015

2014/08/28 Thursday: Henry's First Day of Kindergarten

He was very excited for his first day of Kindergarten.  There were no tears from him or me.  He's in afternoon Kindergarten, along with a couple other boys on our block.  There class only has four girls in and fourteen boys.

2014/08/27 Wednesday: Costco Again

2014/08/26 Tuesday: Gigi First Day of Preschool

Gigi's First Day of Preschool

She loves it already.  There were no tears.  She's excited to finally get to go.

Henry's school had an orientation picnic, held indoors, which was lame.  They sent out conflicting information about the start time, and so half the people showed up after the principle had given his speech.  I wish they would have just sent out an email instead, since we already have a meet the teacher event to attend.

2014/08/25 Monday: Baby Acne

His baby acne has nothing on Henry's.

2014/08/24 Sunday: After Church Fatigue

2014/08/23 Saturday: Three Kids at Costco

We wanted to run in and buy something to take to a barbecue party.  The physicians hosting keep a Kosher kitchen, so we needed to get something Kosher (and we can't make something Kosher in our non-Kosher kitchen.)  So we thought we would just run into Costco quickly.  But with three kids, there's no such thing as quickly.  Yes, that's what Gigi wore to the barbecue.  This year, the annual party went better simply because I had not been misinformed that it was a pool party, and no one peed their pants, so I'm calling it a win.

2014/08/22 Friday: Tummy Time

2014/08/21 Thursday: I Hate When the Party's Over

They're homeward bound.  It was a lot of fun.  Come again soon.

2014/08/20 Wednesday: Zoo & Ingress

The Dallas Smith's and me and the kids went to the zoo today.  There was a lot of Ingress playing, too.  The weather was lovely.  #nofilter

2014/08/19 Tuesday: Dallas & Shannon Visit

Yesterday, we took Deborah to the airport after lunch, and then Dallas and his group arrived in their minivan that evening.  Tuesday we went to, which we all love.

2014/08/18 Monday: Deborah With Kids

2014/08/17 Sunday: At Rehm Park

2014/08/16 Saturday: Shopping with Deborah

We took a quick look at Kohl's.  We didn't buy anything, but Gigi wanted everything she saw, including this striped infinity scarf.

2014/08/15 Friday: Welcome, Deborah!

Deborah's welcome wagon's first stop was lunch at Freddie's.  Gigi love the no-key (gnocchi) more than any other food, I think.

2014/08/14 Thursday: Now a Middle Child

2014/08/13 Wednesday: First Solo Outing with 3 Kids

My first time taking all three kids by myself somewhere, and the dog came too.  We took the dog to get groomed.

2014/08/12 Tuesday: Facepaint Fun

Liz had fun facepainting with the kids.  The Snazaroo kit we have was a Christmas gift from Liz.

2014/08/11 Monday: Liz and Phil

2014/08/10 Sunday: Sweet Baby

Phil and I had some precious alone time while Nick took the other kids to church.

2014/08/09 Satuday: I Have Three Kids

Sometimes I can't believe I have three kids.  How did that happen??

2014/08/08 Friday: Summer Reading Party

The Summer Reading Program had their year end party at the Enchanted Castle, which is sort of a Chuckee Cheese on steroids.  The whole family went.  I kept Phil in his carseat with the cover on him so no one could touch him.  Henry and Gigi had so much fun, and I'm glad they got to go.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2014/08/07 Thursday: Baby & Daddy

I love these two.

2014/08/06 Wednesday: Baby Whisperer

Abby, the baby whisperer, came over to take pictures of Phil.  He is adorable and sweet, but would not cooperate with baby posing.  He would wake up every time we tried to move him.  He's still adorable.

2014/08/05 Tuesday: Neighbor Baby

We got a text message at three in the morning, "Are you up?"  It was our next door neighbor Michelle.  What she should have said was "Send over Nick right now.  We need to leave for the hospital."  She's far too polite.  We were up (thanks, Phil), but she should have been pounding on our door if we weren't.  Her plan was to have her sister come watch her older kids when she had her baby, but it turns out there wasn't time.  Nick ran next door, and Michelle left for the hospital.  I think her sister arrived to her house about the same time the baby was born.  It's a girl!  Michelle also didn't find out until the birth the gender of her baby, but she was convinced it would be a boy.  Surprise!

2014/08/04 Monday: First Outing

Phil was out of the house for the first time to go see his pediatrician.  He's healthy and a pretty happy baby, both reasons I am very grateful.

2014/08/03 Sunday: Getting Settled In

We are all getting settled in with baby.  Nick is home, which is wonderful.  Is it irony when he plays "Operation"?  Or is it only ironic if he loses?

My mom and Kate took the older two kids to the memorial service at Showmen's Rest, commemorating the members of the League of American Showmen's member who have passed.  You'd think something akin to a clown funeral would be more fun, but they reported the speakers went on way too long and it was too much funeral and not enough circus.  Patti and Stan Smith attended and also agreed.

Monday, March 23, 2015

2014/08/02 Saturday: Baby Philip

We had planned on going home before lunch, but we didn't get discharged until late afternoon.  We were down to the wire in deciding what to name our new guy, but the birth certificate lady was getting inpatient.  We decided on Philip Rockwell.  Philip (loves horses) is not a family name.  We went with one L since that's how Prince Philip spells it.  Rockwell, (by the rook well), is in honor of my dad.  Rockwell is a name that Doug likes and has a lot of meaning for him, inspired by Porter Rockwell.