Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday 1/28/12: Only One is Afraid of Bathing

She is getting so big and pulls herself up on everything. Henry was holding a water toy under the faucet, but of course refused to willingly get any more than his hand wet.
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Friday 1/27/12: Henry Gets a Haircut

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Thursday 1/26/12: Bumbo Fail

This is among the many reasons you should never use it on an elevated surface, or without supervision. Yes, she did start out sitting in it correctly.
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Wednesday 1/25/12: IKEA Fine Dining

He's watching TV while he eats.
We went to IKEA with some special STL visitors. They didn't stay nearly long enough- they left first thing the next morning.
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Tuesday 1/24/12: There is No Escape

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Monday 1/23/12: Big Kid in Bumbo

Monday was mostly a blur since we were so sleep deprived.
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Sunday 1/22/12: Back Where We Belong

We survived a red-eye flight, with a plane-change in Salt Lake. My family was not on that flight, so it was me & my two kids against the world for our whole 12-hour travel time. It wasn't perfect, but it was much better than it could have been.

As a bonus, some random people gave us their meal vouchers at the SLC airport. I think they gave them to us because my kids are cute, even if they have only slept four hours at night. I thought it was rather comical that Delta provides only $6 for a meal voucher. At the airport $6 buys you a snack, not a meal.
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Saturday 1/21/12: Pirates & Parrots

These parrots were the best entertainment value on the Island. We tipped Steve the Pirate a few bucks and took our pictures. V, O, Dallas, and Kari each took pictures holding the birds and with a bird on their head. Henry was scared of the birds. I know you're shocked that something frightens him.
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Friday 1/20/12: Enjoy the Grass

Enjoy the grass, because you won't get another chance for about 5 months.
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Thursday 1/19/12: Refreshing

You know this is a joke, right? Because I would never let her drink Diet Pepsi. We're strictly a Coke-product family.
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Wednesday 1/18/12: PCC Canoe Experience

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Tuesday 1/17/12: The Sacred Falls

Did you spot me in the picture?
Photo by Shannon
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Monday 1/16/12: His Version of Oceanside

He was about 20 yards away from wet sand, and wouldn't get much closer.
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Sunday 1/15/12: Laie Temple Grounds

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Saturday 1/14/12: W is One Cool Kid

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Friday 1/13/12: Pool Party

That's about as wet as Henry got.
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Thursday 1/12/12: Adored by Asian Tourists

I was also a big hit with Asian tourists when I visited Hawaii at
about Gigi's age.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday 1/10/12: Going Trucking

Henry's adventures with Pops. He loved the truck but was a little afraid of the excavator.
And happy birthday to my mom!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday 1/9/12: A Clean Being

Sunday 1/8/12: The Instant Before the Tears

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Saturday 1/7/12: Pizza & Presents

I am just realizing how much she's been wearing these pajamas. They get washed, and then I pick them off the top of the laundry pile because they're my favorite. Maybe we should rotate a few more pajamas into the mix.

And yes, I realize this is a particularly bad picture. We visited Nick's dad's family, and celebrated a little bit of Christmas.

Friday 1/6/12: That is How We Roll

Notice the dog on the stroller.

As I walked through the destination airport, I heard a woman gasp, "she's got a dog too? You have to be joking!"
I can hear you, lady. I'm standing right here.

Thursday 1/5/11: Dangerous Heights

Now she's standing in her crib.
I feel I need to clarify that I washed those pajamas between this and the previous picture.

Wednesday 1/4/12: She Kneels in her Crib

Kneeling in her crib. She started chewing on the crib rail.

Tuesday 1/3/12: Our Anniversary Dinner

We went to a Vietnamese cafe. Georgia insisted on licking a lime, many times.

Monday 1/2/12: Fun Surprises

Iuliana and I prepared a fun surprise for a friend while she was away visiting family. We put up a picture wall, an exotic decorative wreath, and a heavy mirror. Nick put in the hardware for the mirror on one of his days off, but we did the wire by ourselves. Hope it stays up!

Sunday 1/1/11: Future ENT?

Happy New Year!

Saturday 12/31/11: The Circus is in Town

Henry wanted to take his nap in his new circus tent. The result was no nap and a whole lot of monkeying around.

Friday 12/30/11: It is His Destiny

Nick had an eye exam and we picked out new glasses. We tried some on Henry since I'm sure he'll be getting some before too long.