Friday, June 22, 2012

Sunday 6/17/2012: Father's Day, Minus the Father


We didn't get the opportunity to see or talk to Nick on Father's Day, so we will have to have a barbecue dinner another night.
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Saturday 6/16/2012: The Miracle of Human Flight

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Friday 6/15/2012: Bounce House Bravery

Our friend Hillary and her girls came over to my mom's house.  We knew her and her husband when we were all newlyweds in Bountiful.  She lives in the Midwest, but is in the process of moving back to Utah.  I hope this means we will get to see her more often.
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Thursday 6/14/2012: Climbing High on Ladder of Success

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Wednesday 6/16/2012: Museum Madness

We ran into our friend Emily.  She lives in Chicago too.
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Tuesday 6/12/2012: Fun at Debbie's

Monday 6/11/2012: HB Smith BBQ & Pictures

Sunday 06/10/2012: Liz's Eyeball

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Saturday 06/09/2012: Lucy, Kids, and Excavator

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Friday 06/08/2012: Storming Out of Dallas's House

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Thursday 06/07/2012: Saying Goodbye

Nick dropped me off at the airport early in the morning.  I was going back to Salt Lake to get the kids.  He headed home to Chicago. It was the easiest time I've had in airport security in years.  No dog, no toddler, no diaper bag, no baby food, no baby.
 His flight wasn't until the afternoon, so he headed over to Raleigh's capitol building.  When in the capital city, always stop by the capitol building.

There was a medical emergency on my flight from Raleigh to Denver.  It was serious.  It seemed to have a good outcome- the guy looked like death but was able to feebly walk off the plane to a waiting ambulance.  It may have been a pneumothorax, (collapsed lung).  The patient, about 30,  was sitting in the row in front of me when he lost consciousness.  A nurse was sitting directly across the aisle from him and a doctor was just a couple rows away, so my nursing skills weren't needed.  I was a little relieved, but sad that I wasn't more help.  I did help calm and reassure the five children aged 7 to 11 that I was sitting by.  The little boys kept saying "he's dead, isn't he?" which probably wasn't helping the guy's nearly-panicking wife.

I was so happy to see my kids.  Henry was very casual about my return, as if he bumped into someone he sees all the time.  Georgia was a little more excited.

Wednesday 6/6/12: Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach was fun because I was with Nick.  But had I really known what I was getting into, I would have scratched it and spent another day on Hilton Head.  It seems to be just mile after mile of beach side motels and tourist shops.
We were going to go to Myrtle Beach state park, but as we entered the park it started to pour, so we looked around from the car and headed back into town.

We went miniature golfing, I believe for the first time every together.  I feel that was a glaring hole in our relationship that has now been mended.
The funnest thing we did was see "Pirates Voyage," which I would describe as Medieval Times for Pirates.  You cheer for a pirate team and are served dinner while watching various pirate-themed variety acts, which in some ways reminded me of Festival of the Lion King.  It definitely has a theme-park feel to it.  I was getting homesick for my kids and was really sad Henry wasn't there enjoying it with us.  But then there was a little scary part that I knew would make him wig out, so I enjoyed the rest of the show more knowing he wouldn't have loved it.  The theater is owned by Dolly Parton and she wrote the show.  Much of the music is forgettable, but the mermaid song was so beautiful.  I wanted to hear it again, but I don't think you can buy it. The song is a warning to not love sailors because "Sailors sail away."

That afternoon/evening we enjoyed our beautiful drive back to the Raleigh-Durham area for our flight out the next morning.  Even bend in the road revealed a new scene that could be a calendar cover.
  We got to visit our friends  from St Louis, Kevin and Chelsey.  They let us come visit on an evening that was hectic for them as they worked on a special project.  But it was so fun to see them, and instantly remember how fun and funny they are.
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Tuesday 6/05/2012: Charleston & Magnolia Plantation

Pod of dolphins just off Hilton Head beach.
We woke to watch the sunrise
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
Confederate submarine model. 
We dressed up to eat at Magnolia's, a restaurant recommended by our friend.
Nick looking at Fort Sumter through a telescope.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday 06/04/12: Bird Watching in Hilton Head

 After waking early to watch a cloudy and rather disappointing sunrise, we took a nap and went to Pickney Island Wildlife reserve.  Once there, we had to wait in the car for a while for the heavy rain to stop.  The saddest part about the rain is I left my camera in the car because it's not water resistant.  We saw lot of great scenery and beautiful birds, and iPhone pictures do not do them justice.
We stopped at a grocery store for fruit and water.  I think that package of dates was a highlight for Nick.  I had no idea how much he liked them.

We had a late lunch/early dinner at this pub.  It was "meh."
But then we went swimming in the ocean again, which was fabulous.  Hilton Head reminded me a lot of being in Hawaii, but without the crazy prices.  It could be that we just lucked out with fantastic weather and the last week of the off-season.