Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday 5/18/12: Costco Champions

The children and I had a very successful Costco run, as in we got we
came for and there was very little crying involved.
We all loved the samples. Gigi even tried the fish. Their was a
huggies sample table, and the lady loved us! No one else was there
that had diaper-using children. Hopefully we will be down to one
diaper-using child very soon, but I think he's addicted. She gave
Henry pull-up samples that are Cars designed. He was really excited to
wear them and quickly figured out that they also work like diapers.

Thursday 5/17/12: Stairs are Her Playground

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday 5/15/12: Polar Bear Ice Cream

Henry enjoying his first Polar Bear Ice Cream of the season.

We walked to the park today, but because of sidewalk construction, we had to come home the long way which takes us dangerously close to the local ice cream shop, The Polar Bear.

It was way too warm for overalls.  I tried to put Henry in shorts.  He refuses to wear shorts and asks for "real pants."  He insisted on the overalls, but I brought the shorts with me to the park.  We met up with our preschool friends at the park.  One mother asked if anyone had any spare clothes because her child had a potty accident.  I mentally unpacked my diaper bag and knew I didn't have anything in there that would help.  For several minutes, I completely forgot about the shorts in my pocket, and when the moment of realization came, I felt so silly.  How do you forget you're walking around with pants in your pocket?  It all worked out, they were able to change the child's pants and stay at the party, Henry was able to continue wearing his "real pants," and everyone had a great time.
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Monday 5/13/12: Her First Slide

We played in a Lincoln Park park while waiting for Nick's phone to be
repaired at a local shop. We really had a fun morning together. We
then went to the Lincoln Park Costco, which serves gelato.
She loved the slide.

Sunday 5/13/12: Some Light Reading

Saturday 5/12/12: On a Train at Union Station

Holding his train whistle
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friday 5/11/12: Outside All Day

We walked to play group at the local park. It was perfect weather.
Henry is back at chasing the dog with fire truck.

I asked Henry if he had cut his hair. He said "No. Aunt Liz." That
didn't really sound like Liz, but it did sound like my mom. I later
confirmed my suspicion of my Mother's involvement.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday 05/10/12: Henry Rides the Train

I think I can see the gumball in his cheek.

Henry rides the train, while Georgia watches.
I went to the mall to look for a micro SIM card adapter.  Despite the fact that this mall has six cell phone stores and a radio shack, no one had one.  Henry had the time of his life because he bought a gumball and rode the train.
Nick gave me a wonderful gift tonight; he watched the kids and put them to bed while I went out for dessert with some friends.  He hasn't had a real day off in weeks and is very tired, so I felt a little guilty but had a really fun time.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday 5/9/12: Chocolate Beard

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Tuesday 5/8/12: Excited About Noodles

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Monday 5/7/12: Goodbye Poodle, Goodbye Mom

My mom left early in the morning.  In the afternoon this dog's owner came and picked her up. 
I am not surprised that I miss my mom, but I am surprised I miss the dog. 
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Sunday 5/6/12: Guess Which Eye Has Pink Eye

Did you guess?
Wrong.  Both eyes have pink eye, but it is worse in her right eye.
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Saturday 5/5/12: Gigi Helping with Yard Work

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Friday 5/4/2012: To the Victor, the Spoils

Victory for Nick's Residency program came with a small glass trophy
My mom got here late last night. We took a guided tour of a section of downtown.  It ended up being a little too hippie for our taste, though I did learn & see a few new things. 
We ran into a member of our ward downtown (What are the chances??) and offered her a ride home.  This woman happens to have a service dog, which sat next to Gigi in the van.  This is how we discovered Gigi is terrified of Golden Retrievers.
My mom watched the kids as Nick and I went to the American College of Surgeons dinner and resident Jeopardy.  Nick's hospital won handily.  Some of the other teams should be ashamed of their performances (cough, cough, Loyola, cough University of Chicago cough).  Even though Nick was not on the three-person team, we still felt like part of the victory.  Also, the Jeopardy questions showed me that I know nothing about surgery.  Out of four rounds,  I think I got three questions right. 
I had one of my favorite desserts ever.  Imagine a rich, smooth chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream and accompanied by a fudge covered Oreo. 
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Thursday 5/3/12: Just Gigi

Congratulations to Lucille F. Smith on graduating with her BSN, and Happy Birthday to Harry! 
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Wednesday 5/2/2012: Gigi and the Poodle

The poodle like to cuddle up to anything that's warm and stationary.
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