Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015/07/03 Friday: Balloon Glow

We went to the Balloon Glow in Lisle.  It was so, so crowded.  Henry loved the trading cards some balloon owners pass out.  It was $10 to get your face painted- Henry took our offer of putting that money towards Minecraft.  Gigi could not be dissuaded and had her face painted.

2015/07/02 Thursday: Polar Bear Ice Cream

About once a year we go to the Polar Bear ice cream shop, at which point I remember their ice cream isn't actually very good.  But Phil seems adequately impressed.

2015/07/01 Wednesday: Dinner with Daddy

Monday, December 14, 2015

2015/06/30 Tuesday: Gigi at the Park

Kids love the park.  Realized today when I glanced down at my driver's license, that it wasn't actually mine.  After thinking about it, I realized it must have been switched when I rented a stroller at MSI on Friday.  It was a Carri Johnson's drivers license.  I called MSI.  Carri called them yesterday, and we are mailing the licenses to each other.

2015/06/29 Monday: Growing Baby Birds

It doesn't seem to take long at all for the robin eggs grow into these birds.

2015/06/28 Sunday: Phil Is Less Attentive Than He Looks

2015/06/27 Saturday: Back Yard Campout

2015/06/26 Friday: MSI and Sinai

I took the kids to MSI and the new robotics exhibit.

Traffic was so bad on the way home, we ended up on surface streets by Sinai, and Nick had a minute to say hello, so we stopped by.

2015/06/25 Thursday: Library Bird Show

2015/06/24 Wednesday: My Little Lemur

Summer Fun at the zoo today with the kids.

2015/06/23 Tuesday: Dance Class and Crafts at the Library

2015/06/22 Monday: Summer Swimming in Neighbors Backyard

2015/06/21 Sunday: Only In Chicago; Blackhawks

This tribute to the Stanley Cup was parked across the street from our church.

2015/06/20 Saturday: Kate & Frank at Costco

2015/06/19 Friday: Bible Camp Party

The vacation bible school threw an impressive closing party, including a barbecue and bounce houses.  Later, Katie watched the babies while Nick and I took our kids to see Inside Out.  I loved the short cartoon before the main show, and I loved the main show.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015/06/18 Thursday: Gigi Loves Jewelry

Gigi doesn't understand why I won't buy her things out of the cabinet at Costco.
Today I watched a couple boys from the ward because their mom is sick.

2015/06/17 Wednesday: Magic Show

Magic Show as party of the summer reading program at the library.  I wash the Vacation Bible School shirts each night so they can where them to camp each morning.  The robin eggs in the nest on our porch have started to hatch.
Frank and Kate are in town.

2015/06/16 Tuesday: Novocaine Paralysis

Henry had the rest of his dental work done today.

2015/06/15 Monday: Vacation Bible School

We made last-minute arrangements to attend vacation bible school at a local church.  Obviously they have been preparing for it for quite some time.

2015/06/14 Sunday: Alice in Churchland

Gigi wore her Alice in wonderland dress to church. 
Nick's car battery had to be jumped in the church parking lot.

2015/06/13 Saturday: Graduation for the class of 2015

We attended the graduation of Nick's chiefs.  This year's class had two surgeons, both women going on to fellowships.  Next year will be Nick's turn.

2015/06/12 Friday: Errands with Phil

With the older kids in day camp, I get to go shopping with only one kid.  And he's a happy kid at that.

2015/06/11 Thursday: The Interns Five Years Later

Five years after starting together at Mount Sinai as interns, this group went out to dinner to celebrate two of their graduations.  Dahlia, center, is graduating and doing a fellowship in minimally invasive surgery.  Brian, far right, is graduating from Northwestern and going to a vascular surgery fellowship.  Simmi, Rebekah, and Nick will all graduate next June at Sinai.

Friday, December 11, 2015

2015/06/10 Wednesday: Flight of Imagination

2015/06/09 Tuesday: Day Camp

The kids are excited for village Day Camp.  They went last year for a week and loved it.  They're in separate age groups this year, so just Henry will be going on a field trip this week.

2015/06/08 Monday: Storm Approaching

We took Nick's bike to a shop in Lombard to be serviced.  It happens to be next to a Potbelly's, so we also grabbed a sandwich and ate on the patio because it was such a lovely day.  As I took this picture, I noticed in the reflection that huge storm clouds were moving in.  I quickly gathered up kids and loaded them in the car.  About two minutes later it was pouring, windy, and had lots of lightning and thunder.

2015/06/07 Sunday: Ready, Set, Go!

2015/06/06 Saturday: Fastest Thing on Two Wheels, In Heels

Gigi is now training wheel free.

2015/06/05 Friday: Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten graduation.  I didn't understand why Henry insisted on wearing his Hawaiian shirt until we got there and found out there was an Island theme.  Nick was able to attend (post call).  We couldn't be prouder of this tremendous academic achievement.

2015/06/04 Thursday: Neighbors

2015/06/03 Wednesday: Twin Day

A quick after-school trip to the zoo.  It was twin day at school, so Henry and his friend wore matching shirts.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015/06/02 Tuesday: Cool as a Cucumber

Henry had a cavity filled.  He took it like a champ.  Having a great dentist helps too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2015/06/01 Monday: Date Night

With my mom there as a babysitter, Nick and I went to WildFire, a steakhouse we've had a gift certificate to for a long time.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2015/05/31 Sunday: Epic Battles

Even Phil is getting in on the exciting Beyblade epic battles.
We also did some puzzles my mom bought us.

2015/05/30 Saturday: Crafty People

With crafty people in the house, Gigi got to use her American Girl paper purse-making kit.  She then got carried away and demanded they make paper (towel) clothes for the doll.

2015/05/29 Friday: Special Visitors

We have special visitors- Stan and Patti are here from St Louis, and my mom is here from Utah.  We had a great time at the zoo today.

Monday, December 7, 2015

2015/05/28 Thursday: Caught Red-handed, Again

He's been caught multiple times today in the dog water and food.

2015/05/27 Wednesday: Princess Visits the Dentist

Henry has to come back to have a cavity filled.  Gigi does not, but was lectured on letting adults brush her teeth.  Her front tooth that darkened last year is looking good.

2015/05/26 Tuesday: Gigi's Birthday!

She began the day with a morning fit for a queen, including a crown and jewels.

Settled into her favorite princess outfit.

We recruited the local neighbors to have enough people to call it an actual party.  I had the ninja turtle masks and party hats in my supply closet.

My friend Lizzy came with her kids, and graciously painted faces again.  The musical candle was ordered from amazon well in advance.  The fancy cake was serendipity- my neighbor's MIL had been given a fancy cake for her birthday by her baker sister.  But the MIL was going out of town, so she gave it to Michelle (my neighbor).  Michelle told me "what am I going to do with this giant cake?"  I then told her Gigi's birthday was Tuesday (this was Sunday.)  The cake was kept in the fridge, I carefully removed the MIL's name from the cake by lifting off the piping with a toothpick, and then added sprinkles, per Gigi's request.