Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014/06/23 Monday: New Stroller

Kate brought out our new stroller, purchased at the REI garage sale.

2014/06/22 Sunday: Baby Frank is Here!

Baby Frank finally made the trip to Chicago.  Katie was holding out on traveling with him until he was big enough to be vaccinated for pertussis.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014/06/21 Saturday: T-ball and bikes

Henry had his T-ball skills class today.  A good portion of the kids were just playing with the lawn.  He does seem to throw really well.

That read speck at the top right of the road is Henry.  He was supposed to wait for Nick at the end of the park, but instead rode all the way home.  He was in trouble for crossing two roads and train tracks without us.

2014/06/20 Friday: MSI with Friends

We went to MSI with the Frandsen family to celebrate W's birthday.  I look for any excuse to visit the museum, and this was a good one.  Also, they're moving in the foreseeable future, so the more we see them now, the better.

2014/06/19 Thursday: Wake Up

She must have been really tired.  She's still asleep at 9.  Henry is almost always an early riser, but Gigi doesn't seem to be.

2014/06/18 Wednesday: Caesar's Buzz Cut

It was Caesar's turn to get a buzz cut.  He'll enjoy the summer much more this way.  This evening we went to a puppet show at the library as part of the summer reading program.

2014/06/17 Tuesday: Zoo with Jamie

We squeezed in a likely final zoo visit with Jamie and her girls today.  They are moving to Utah soon, and it's going to be hard on all of us.  Henry is pretty convinced he's going to marry Miss C when he grows up.