Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014/07/19 Saturday: Ceiling Fan

Nick replaced the ceiling fan Henry broke a while ago.  The hardest part was picking out the replacement.  The kids rode the hand trains at Rehm Park this morning.  Gigi and Henry were very excited about their new Minnie Mouse nightgown and Ninja Turtle shirt, respectively.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014/07/18 Friday: Locked Out

I had a cleaning lady come today, which was great except for that she locked me out of the house.  She locked the storm door, which has no external lock so we were locked out of the front.  She locked the back door, including the doorknob which we never carry a key to.  We were about to break a pane of glass when our neighbor's friend suggested drilling through the doorknob.  Our neighbor Carlos then drilled through the doorknob, yay!  $16 replacement doorknob later and we are back in business.  Also, we found out our windows are really, really secure from the outside (short of busting glass, of course.)

2014/07/17 Thursday: Swimming Line Up

2014/07/16 Wednesday: Photo by Henry

Photo taken by Henry at my doctor's office.

2014/07/15 Tuesday: Hair Loss

I went to get Gigi out of her car seat, and she was holding a big chunk of her hair in her hand.  Her hair is going through an interesting phase, and her hair twisting habit isn't helping anything.  She's getting new growth that's pushing her hair up, the patch of hair she cut up at the top is now long enough to stand straight up, and then the hair she pulls out by twisting it is just adding to the party.

2014/07/14 Monday: Pregnant in the Park

Nick took this pic of me at the park with the kids.  We are excited to meet this baby. Due date is 9 days away.

2014/07/13 Sunday: Snazaroo Face Painting

Having good face paint is about 85% percent of the battle.  We have a snazaroo kit, and I just do what the booklet says to do and we get pretty good results.