Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014/04/20 Sunday: Easter

For Easter dinner we had the Lloyds over.  We were sad that Michael was called in for a surgery and missed it, but we did make sure to send home good leftovers

We hid the same eggs the kids found at the village hunt and made them find them again.  They each have three bad jellybeans in them, donated from the Ferrara Pan candy company.  I'm pretty sure they're the defective ones, but they don't taste good regardless of shape.

2014/04/19 Saturday: Village Hunt

We went to the village Easter egg hunt and then joined them in the gym for hot dogs.  We then went to meet a group of wives from area residencies for lunch, so we had double lunch today.

Nick was able to color eggs with the kids, and by color, I mean gently tint.  He was really disappointed with this egg color kit.

2014/04/18 Friday: Easter Egg Hunt

Playgroup had an Easter Egg Hunt on the playground today.  The kids now have way too much candy.  I think these three ladies are fantastic, and am sad that two of them are scheduled to move soon.

2014/04/17 Thursday: She Loves Sprinkles

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014/04/16 Wednesday: Back Again

We are back at the Social Security offices, only I was sneakier with taking a picture.  They wouldn't talk to me yesterday about Nick's problem because they'd lost the completed form Nick filled out making me his authorized agent, and so I came back today with a new one.  Problem still not resolved, but really it's almost twenty years old, so what's the rush?

2014/04/15 Tuesday: Sad Gigi

Gigi is sad but adorable.

Earlier, I got in trouble for taking a picture in the social security lobby.  I didn't know it was forbidden by federal statute.  I have taken the kids there more than once to work on a problem for Nick stemming from an error in the mid to late nineties.  Still not really resolved yet.

2014/04/14 Monday: Fort Building