Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015/07/03 Friday: Balloon Glow

We went to the Balloon Glow in Lisle.  It was so, so crowded.  Henry loved the trading cards some balloon owners pass out.  It was $10 to get your face painted- Henry took our offer of putting that money towards Minecraft.  Gigi could not be dissuaded and had her face painted.

2015/07/02 Thursday: Polar Bear Ice Cream

About once a year we go to the Polar Bear ice cream shop, at which point I remember their ice cream isn't actually very good.  But Phil seems adequately impressed.

2015/07/01 Wednesday: Dinner with Daddy

Monday, December 14, 2015

2015/06/30 Tuesday: Gigi at the Park

Kids love the park.  Realized today when I glanced down at my driver's license, that it wasn't actually mine.  After thinking about it, I realized it must have been switched when I rented a stroller at MSI on Friday.  It was a Carri Johnson's drivers license.  I called MSI.  Carri called them yesterday, and we are mailing the licenses to each other.

2015/06/29 Monday: Growing Baby Birds

It doesn't seem to take long at all for the robin eggs grow into these birds.

2015/06/28 Sunday: Phil Is Less Attentive Than He Looks

2015/06/27 Saturday: Back Yard Campout