Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014/06/07 Saturday: Plants Galore

We are redoing the flower bed in front of our house.  Last fall we took out some ugly shrubbery, because it was both ugly and blocking the light into our living room.  My friend Janette created a garden plan for us, and we've been searching around for the plants she recommended.  Yes, Gigi picked out her own outfit.

2014/06/06 Friday: Busy Fun Day

Gigi has had a busy day.  For playgroup, we were guests at the Riverside Pool club.  After the kids wore themselves out swimming, she came home and had a n epic nap.  Then we had the neighbors over.

Friday, October 24, 2014

2014/06/05 Thursday: Maternity Pictures

I took maternity pictures for my beautiful neighbor today.  We also had Henry's friend E over, since we are trying to play with him as much as possible before he moves next week.
I'm still coughing, and moving slowly since I cough more if I take a deep breath.

2014/06/04 Wednesday: Breathing Easier

I went to a doctor that wasn't Nick, which means I must be really sick.  I can't stop coughing.  I can't take a deep breath.  I got a breathing treatment at the office, and then went to the pharmacy to pick up several prescriptions.

2014/06/03 Tuesday: Still Super Sick

I'm even sicker than before.  And I'm at the grocery store because we were completely out of staple foods.  I'm wearing the glasses to cover my pinkeye, which is almost certainly from the same virus that's trying to kill me with a respiratory infection.

2014/06/02 Monday: It's a Bike Kind of Day

2014/06/01 Sunday: Spoiled Guest

We were guests at a work barbeque tonight at a very lovely home of an attending.  Kids loved the guinea pigs, and all the toys and dress-ups the hosts shared.  

I am sick, but I think I'm finally starting to get better.  I've been sick for at least a week.  If I called it a cold, I don't think that accurately conveys how absolutely horrible I feel.