Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday 4/1: Sitting Around in Chicago

Thursday 3/31: Birthday Fun Never Ends


Wednesday 3/30: Dolores Library

Henry was mad we made him stop playing with toys to get a picture. Henry, Nicholas, and Charles "Buddy" Johnson

Tuesday 3/29: Dolores's Galloping Goose Train

Henry, Nick, and Grandpa Buddy with the Galloping Goose Engine

Monday 3/28: Happy 2nd Birthday- Spend All Day in the Car

For the second year in a row, Henry spent most of the day in his car seat. We drove from Utah County to Montezuma County in Colorado to visit Nick's grandpa, whom Henry's middle name is in honor of.

Sunday 3/27: His Second Second Birthday Party

Celebrating with the Johnsons

Saturday 3/26: Is This Supposed to be Fun?

The first of his multiple birthday celebrations began at the Texas Roadhouse with the Jacob/Preston/Musser clan.