Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013/01/13 Sunday: Samoan Sabbath

We started our day by attending church.  We couldn't find the original ward building we had put into the GPS (we were led to a cul-de-sac of small houses instead.)  But we had seen another ward building, so we went there.  It turns out it was a Samoan ward.  The prayers and hymns were in Samoan, but pretty much everything else was in English.  I sat with Henry in Primary (his first Sunday as a Sunbeam) and ended up jumping in to help with the music.  I volunteered to substitute as Primary chorister while we are in town.

That evening we went to the temple visitors center.  We watched a little video and then looked at the exhibits for a little while.  When we went outside, Henry immediately tried to climb into the fountain.  I don't think he ever understood why that wasn't OK.
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2013/01/12 Saturday: Happy Birthday Toots!

For Jo Ellen's Birthday, we were able to have some leftover wedding cake.  The family that had the wedding two days ago was leaving, so they packed up some leftovers and brought them over.  The cake included cakes from Leonard's, which is very famous I'm told.  They also gave us some sprite, ice, frozen corn, and some frozen pizza.

Nick is spending time studying for his big test at the end of the month.

This is Dallas making fun of the way someone else in the party rinses off.
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2013/01/11 Friday: The Ocean Gives, and Takes Away

The ocean has a lot more garbage on it this year.  There are millions of little pieces of plastic.  We did hear a news story that some of the debris is from the Japanese tsunami.  The waves are also much rougher than before.
Occasionally, we would find a larger in tact item that washed up.  Henry is holding a snorkeling fin Harry found washed up on the shore.  We also found a great little toy shovel.
Then the first time Nick went to really play in the water, a wave came and washed his mask right off his face.  It was very sad.  It was so young, and he had really looked forward to using it.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013/01/10 Thursday: Happy Birthday Mom!


Jo Ellen delivered some glasses from a church friend to her daughter at BYU-H.  We were faster than Fed-Ex.

There was a wedding at the fancy house next door.

And Nick got here.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

2013/01/09 Wednesday: First Class All the Way

So, after a false start yesterday, we made it onto an airplane this time. 
But do you want to know how to take the fun out of first class? Take two small kids with you.

I have a theory that if you look nice and put together, when your baby is crying people will think, "Poor baby must be having a rough day."  If you look like a wreck, they just assume you're an incompetent parent.  First class has higher standards of decorum than our usual public-bus flights on Southwest, so I stepped it up a notch.  Both kids were wearing Janie & Jack outfits from their aunt Megan.  I received a very nice shirt at Christmas from Deborah, so I wore that and make-up, and jewelry.
On other flights, I figure if people valued not sitting by a screaming baby, they could fly first class instead, but here I had no excuse so we better all be well behaved.

The kids liked the electronics, and the extra room.  Henry did not care for the in-flight meal, and ate the peanut butter & jelly sandwich I had packed instead.

Jo Ellen even found a few minutes to read, and the reclining chairs were great for the kids' naps.  There are only two seats on each row, so Jo Ellen sat on the row behind us.  It is a surprising amount of leg room.  I couldn't touch the seat in front of us when I tried.

I was worried how the kids would do, but I think things went pretty well.  As we were getting off the plane, a couple complimented how well-behaved the kids had been.  Another couple told us the same thing at luggage claim.  It is work to keep the kids entertained and occupied, so I can only imagine how relaxing flying this way would be for the average adult traveling without small children.

As we left the airport there was a beautiful rainbow.  Georgia was so excited and kept pointing at it to show me.  I'll think of it as a good omen for the vacation.
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2013/01/08 Tuesday: Airport Madness

We got up early to make our flight to Hawaii.  The morning did not start out well, and I worried how the kids would hold up through the travels.

Things got under control, we were all ready to board our plane.  Then we found out our plane wasn't ready.  It was broken.  So we waited, and waited.  They rebooked our connecting flight in LA to a later one.  Then we waited so long that we missed that one too.  The sting of the delay was lessened, just a tiny bit, by grabbing lunch at the new Cafe Rio in terminal 2. But we still needed to get to Hawaii.  The gate agent gave us two options: remain on our scheduled flight to LAX when it finally left, then fly to Las Vegas, the fly to Hawaii and get there at 2:00 AM, OR come back in the morning and fly non-stop.  We had spent about 8 hours in the airport, so spending 16 more traveling was VERY unappealing.  Also, it turned out that we would have to sit in first class on the non-stop.  It was a very easy decision to give up and go home for the night.

We were so worn out, just from waiting and trying to contain the kids.  They had taken turns having a nap in the stroller, and Henry was asleep when Shannon picked us up at the curb.  When we woke him up to put him in the car and told him we were going back to the house, he said, "But I wanted Hawaii."
As a thank you for picking us up, we gave Dallas and Shannon Cafe Rio dinners purchased with Delta meal credits.  Because everything is a little better with Cafe Rio.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

2012/01/07 Monday: Deal of the Year

Katie and I went to NPS/Market Square to do a little bargain hunting.  We found a dirty, crumpled, stunning navy Oscar de la Rente gown, in Liz's size.  The original MSRP was close to $5,000.  It has a price tag on it for $1800.  We paid $80.  Now we just need to get it cleaned and find some events fancy enough she can wear it to. 
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2013/01/06 Sunday: Mission Prep

My cousins stopped by my parents house Sunday evening.  Bailey is just putting in his mission papers (to serve an LDS Mission for two years.)  His step-sister enters the Missionary Training Center next week to start her 18-months of missionary service in Alaska.
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2013/01/05 Saturday: Here Kitty, Kitty

I spent some time with Jessica at her mom's beautiful mountainside home.

2013/01/04 Friday: Pony In a Purse

Gigi has spent a lot of time with her Christmas gift from Kate and Bret, a Pony in a Purse from Douglas Cuddle Toys.
I was going to take my kids to the Children's museum with my friend Jessica.  Right before we were going to leave, Gigi developed a little fever.  The compromise was she stayed with my mom, and I took Henry to the museum.
While Nick was in town, we went out to dinner with my high school friends Josh and Jessica.  And we went to see The Hobbit with them another night.  It's really nice to have another couple with similar tastes as us. 
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2013/01/03 Thursday: Straight Hair

My hair has never been so straight!  Nick's sister Samantha did a keratin treatment on my hair, which included flat-ironing it.  It was magical.
And here's  her adorable little boy dressed up for his one-year-old photos.

After this, I went to see my friend Hillary who has recently moved to Utah county from Ohio.  We met we when we were both newlyweds in the Val Verde fourth ward.  I was really excited to see here, and our kids had lots of fun playing together.

2013/01/02 Wednesday: Liz

I wanted some photography practice, so Liz was kind enough to come with me to the capitol building 
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2013/01/01 Tuesday: Laundry is the Best Show in Town

I don't think our New Years Day was super memorable.  New Years Eve, we gathered at my mom's house before midnight and had an early fireworks show.  I spent that time inside with cowering toddlers and essentially missed the whole thing.  When actual midnight came, you could look up to the mountain and see lots of fireworks being set off, which kind of made up for it.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

2012/12/31 Monday: Splashing New Year's Eve

Henry had no objection to having a bath in the kitchen sink, so we went for it.
Nick went back to Chicago.  He had a significant carry-on bag, his laptop/backpack, and two big checked bags (all signs that people were very generous at Christmas).  He was going to take a shuttle home, but for some reason that didn't work out, so he loaded all that stuff on the train and took that home.  And if you didn't think that was ridiculous enough, it was freezing and he had Caesar with him.
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2012/12/30 Sunday: Sunday Brunch

I don't remember why he was mad.

Started with brunch at the Johnson's house.  Henry and Nick's dad bonded over games on the kindle fire.

Then we had dinner at Nick's mom's house.
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2012/12/29 Saturday: Two Strollers, Smart Move

Knowing the stroller would be popular with both kids, Jo Ellen gave the kids each a stroller for Christmas.  So many fights averted.  Bell, from Deborah, instantly became Gigi's go-to doll, and has already made countless laps around the house.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

2012/12/28 Friday: He's Just Here for the ESPN

We had a great dinner at a Pho place in Salt Lake with Kate and Bret.  I found out it's pronounced fuh, and I felt silly for saying fo for so long.
Then Nick and I went to the Hilton. Katie and Bret needed one more night of hotel rental during 2012 to preserve their super deluxe gold platinum status with the hotel chain.  They weren't going to use the room, so we decided to go watch ESPN for them.  Thanks guys!
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2012/12/27 Thursday: Playing with Christmas Toys

Nick and Gigi are playing with the remote controlled Hex Bug they got.  It's cool, but a little creepy.
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2012/12/26 Wednesday: Gluttony Continues

Gigi enjoyed her giant sucker that came in her stocking the day before.  The real sucker is whoever bought it for her (me.)
We had the second of our Scuba dives today.  It was exhausting again.  My nephew, who is the minimum age for the course, had a sinus "squeeze" which is quite painful.  I was really surprised that he was willing to continue and filled the requirements for certification.

Much of the Smith clan went to Cafe Rio for dinner, where we ran into and dined with my cousin Blake and his family.  Hanging out in Bountiful is kind of like a high school reunion: you will always run into people you know.
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