Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014/04/28 Monday: Dr Nick Needs His Pager

We need to take his pager to him at work.

2014/04/27 Sunday: Jamie & Her Girls

I took a break from getting my stuff together to leave town, and took some pictures for my friend Jamie.  Henry has mentioned on multiple occasions he wants to marry Miss C when he grows up.

2014/04/26 Saturday: Garage Springs

Nicholas was handy again today.  I found out after the fact this might be a little dangerous to DIY.  However, he did it perfectly and still has all his fingers.  Also I learned that if you replace one garage spring, you replace them all.

2014/04/25 Friday: Jeopardy at Hogwarts

Surgical Jeopardy was held at Northwestern's very fancy University Club.  The room we were in was slightly more modest than when we dined in the ballroom for the investiture ceremony, but it was still impressive.  When we got into the elevator, everyone was crammed in and we were the only ones not wearing ballgowns and tuxedos.  Mount Sinai did not win this year, but faulty equipment really played a part.  You can't win if you can't ring in.  There was a hilarious response that's probably not fit to print.  It came later in the evening when the open bar had really taken effect on the judges and they had to pause the game for people to compose themselves.  You can't say doctors don't have a sense of humor.

After the event, Nick was almost tempted to accidentally get into the wrong car.  That's way more fun than the minivan.

2014/04/24 Thursday: Spider-Man

Monday, September 15, 2014

2014/04/23 Wednesday: Happy Birthday Doug!

Happy birthday to my dad!

I was supposed to meet Nick at the trauma conference dinner tonight, but there ending up being some sort of emergent surgery, probably a trauma, that kept him at the hospital.  I still had a great time.  Observing trauma from a distance is fascinating, I just don't want to be any closer to it.

2014/04/22 Wednesday: Tears Over Socks

2014/04/21 Monday: Mortified

Henry is in school from 9-2:45 MWF, so it was just me and Gigi taking Caesar to be groomed.  Her third outfit of the day was mismatched pajamas and heels, but I'm learning to choose my battles.  I was far more embarrassed when she said, "Look at that old man," which was actually a young woman.  Then Gigi asked her a bunch of questions about tank cleaning, and was beginning to micromanage her.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014/04/20 Sunday: Easter

For Easter dinner we had the Lloyds over.  We were sad that Michael was called in for a surgery and missed it, but we did make sure to send home good leftovers

We hid the same eggs the kids found at the village hunt and made them find them again.  They each have three bad jellybeans in them, donated from the Ferrara Pan candy company.  I'm pretty sure they're the defective ones, but they don't taste good regardless of shape.

2014/04/19 Saturday: Village Hunt

We went to the village Easter egg hunt and then joined them in the gym for hot dogs.  We then went to meet a group of wives from area residencies for lunch, so we had double lunch today.

Nick was able to color eggs with the kids, and by color, I mean gently tint.  He was really disappointed with this egg color kit.

2014/04/18 Friday: Easter Egg Hunt

Playgroup had an Easter Egg Hunt on the playground today.  The kids now have way too much candy.  I think these three ladies are fantastic, and am sad that two of them are scheduled to move soon.

2014/04/17 Thursday: She Loves Sprinkles

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014/04/16 Wednesday: Back Again

We are back at the Social Security offices, only I was sneakier with taking a picture.  They wouldn't talk to me yesterday about Nick's problem because they'd lost the completed form Nick filled out making me his authorized agent, and so I came back today with a new one.  Problem still not resolved, but really it's almost twenty years old, so what's the rush?

2014/04/15 Tuesday: Sad Gigi

Gigi is sad but adorable.

Earlier, I got in trouble for taking a picture in the social security lobby.  I didn't know it was forbidden by federal statute.  I have taken the kids there more than once to work on a problem for Nick stemming from an error in the mid to late nineties.  Still not really resolved yet.

2014/04/14 Monday: Fort Building

2014/04/13 Sunday: Ready for Church

Henry is wearing Hawaiian church clothes, because don't we all wish we were there all the time?

2014/04/12 Saturday: Family Saturday

Our neighboring cemetery hosts an Easter egg hunt, which is weird.  But the opening entertainment was even more bizarre.  I can't find words adequate to express the odd performance of people dancing in these costumes to pre-recorded music and dialogue.

The kids had fun.  Gigi was overrun by older children as expected.  The prizes and candy inside met the minimum standard for children to be excited.

In the evening, we went to the community college's amateur circus, The Triton Troupers.  They teach circus classes, and this is their final project.  It was very cute, all the concessions were a dollar each.  We really had a fun time.  We did leave at intermission just because we wanted our kids to get to bed at a reasonable time, but I plan on going again next year.

2014/04/11 Friday: Grateful for Good Friends

Jordan hosted a tamale making class at her house, and it spilled over into an impromptu tamale eating barbeque.  We all had such a nice time.  Nick was able to come before the party was over.  I'm so grateful for the good friends we have and for the time we spent together.  Jordan is moving very soon, and Jamie will move shortly after that.  It does seem everyone is leaving me.

2014/04/10 Thursday: Legoland

We met my friend Holli and her son R for a last outing to Legoland before they move to Colorado.  We had a great time, even if Gigi did trip and hit her forehead on the perfectly square corner of the Lego Master Builder's desk in the Builder's Academy.  (No blood, big bruise)

2014/04/09 Wednesday: He Wants a Hot Dog

Henry gave a passionate appeal on why he should be fed a hot dog.  He was immediately given a hot dog, bun, and ketchup.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014/04/08 Tuesday: Library Dance Class

She had been looking forward to the library dance class for a long time.  She was so excited to dress up for it.  Yet, somehow she spent half the class sitting in my lap, sucking her thumb.  She really is so little.

2014/04/07 Monday: Ladies Who Lunch

Gigi and I had a special ladies-only lunch at McDonald's after my doctors appointment.  The highlight of which was having Gigi insist (she could not have been any more determined) that she pee into a cup, put a label on it, and leave it for the lab just like I did.  So finally, I let her.

2014/04/06 Sunday: Me and YouTube

I wanted to fix my brake light without asking anyone for help.  So I did some research on YouTube (there's a hidden step in this light I'd never think of, you pop the whole structure off the car), bought the bulb at Autozone, and did it.  Disclosure:   Nick handed me the 90-degree impact driver.  I would have just used a screwdriver otherwise.

We went to see Peter and the Star Catcher.  Proving my mom can't keep a secret, when she told me about seeing it before, she gave away the ending.  I still loved it.  I would highly recommend, especially if you like Dave Barry.

2014/04/05 Saturday: Outside Play

2014/04/04 Friday: Naps

2014/04/03 Thursday: She's a Rockstar

2014/04/02 Wednesday: Why Bother Having More Than One Bed?

2014/04/01 Tuesday: April Fools

Google+ added "the Hoff" for April Fool's day

Nick and I went to the symphony hall for the evening.  Really, I went to hear one song, Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine by Eric Whitacre, and we left afterwards at intermission.  (The rest of the program seemed lovely, but I didn't want to impose too much on my babysitting friend.)  The song was totally worth it.