Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday 12/22/11: Refusing to Leave the Playground

Another long day without Nick. When we go to the McDonald's Play Place, I'm not just buying food, I'm buying sanity.

Also, my experience there tonight reminded me of my deep hatred of junior high kids.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday 12/21/11: A Juicy Smile

I think these boogers are a result of the cold she caught from W.

Tuesday 12/20/11: The Special Guest at the Cookie Exchange

I was invited to a cookie exchange. I wanted to go, but on the day of the event didn't make cookies. My weak excuse for cookies was generic thin mints, but I think they are delicious. Henry was sitting on the chair and answering questions people asked him. He's growing up so fast.

Monday 12/19/11: He is Getting Closer to the Christmas Story

Last year, he used the stable as a garage and ran over the holy family with the donkey cart. This year we play with the nativity while we read the story of Jesus's birth
He's getting some of the original story right, but he's using a lot of literary license. The camel seemed to be eating the angel, baby Jesus is getting pulled in the cart by a camel, and Lightning McQueen and Thomas are present at the holy birth.

Sunday 12/18/11: Elaine!!!!

I've known Elaine since she was about five, and she just keeps getting lovelier.

She was in the greater Chicagoland area visiting her aunt and uncle, whom I will refer to as the B's, and they graciously invited us to dinner to visit. Their kids were so good to Henry and Georgia and it was fun to get caught up. It's so odd to me that I remember when they got married, but know they have a near teenage kid. I'm getting old.
Go West high alumni!*
I made sure Henry didn't take any cars that belonged to the B's when we left. However, I should have giving Georgia a pat-down as she somehow managed to smuggle a "My Little Pony" out of their house in her car seat bunting. I'll mail it back, but It may miss Christmas.

*Nick and the B's are Panthers from West high. Dallas is so special, he went to West High for 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. (He was part of a gifted program that I was jealous of.)
Edited to add: There's another great West alumna- my Mom!

Saturday 12/17/11: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner, except baby, that is.

Friday 12/16/11: The Ugly Sweater Gala

I went to the annual ugly sweater party, wearing a t-shirt silk screened to look like an ugly sweater. That didn't hold a candle to the Extremely festive sweaters in attendance. There was one ensemble involving appliqu├ęs on white sweats (top and bottom) that belongs in the hall of fame if they ever build one.
The white elephant game is always fun, and here the hostess Lindsy is showing her ultimate prize: the lobster-shaped candy dish. Fun night. My teenage neighbor watched the kids and they seemed to have a great evening too. Other prizes included a bicycle bell and a VHS of "How to Mate Hamsters. ". I took home a hand crocheted doll/air freshener cozy.

Thursday 12/15/11: Shopping with 1 Toddler is Hard, 2 is Impossible

I went shoe shopping with Iuliana and her 18-month-old. We didn't find any. Buy while we were looking our two toddlers were going crazy together. It was an example of synergy. Having two toddlers is four times as bad as having one. As I took this picture, Henry pulled a piece of Abc gum from under the shelf and offered it to Abby.

Wednesday 12/14/11: As She Scoots Backwards

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday 12/13/11: A Sitting Champion

Georgia is going really well at sitting, even if she does occasionally fall over on accident.

Monday 12/12/11: Zoo with Dallas

Zoo visit with Dallas and crew. Henry flipped out in the aquarium section again- I think it's too cave-like for him. We saw the dolphin show, played in the family play zoo, saw the Christmas trees and lights and then headed for the airport. There were nearly as many
Dolphins as there were people in the audience. Thanks for the visit Smiths!

Sunday 12/11/11: Bad to the Bone

Road trip with Dallas's crew to the Harley museum in Milwaukee. We stopped at the Jelly Belly factory on the way up, and the Cheese Palace and Bass Pro Shop on the way down (to see the fish.)

Saturday 12/10/11: Dallas, Shannon & W Come to Town

We had Portillo's for lunch, spent time downtown and had Lou's pizza for dinner. We tried to eat at the walnut room, but we reached complete meltdown before the three hour wait for a table was over.
Georgia looked so cute, I had more than one person stop to look at her, then go get their friend and come back to have their friend look at her.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday 12/9/11: Photo-Bombed

You can't tell from the picture, but my hair looks fabulous because a professional did it.
We were at Nick's work party. It's basically one of the two nights a year we get to go out without our kids. Also, the attendings pay for the dinner which makes it a much cheaper date.
This year it was held in the world's smallest banquet hall, so even if Ethan hadn't photo-bombed us on purpose, he probably would have been in the picture. We were packed in there like sardines. It would be like holding a wedding reception in my bedroom, it was that small.

Thursday 12/8/11: Library Santa

We went to an event at the library, billed as "A Dickens Christmas." Truth in advertising would have required it to be call, "One man show with a few small magic tricks, bad puppetry, and a worse toupee." Henry enjoyed himself, but was sad and kept saying "My turn," when kids would get pulled out of the audience to help. It ended with a visit to Santa in the basement of the library. We lost our place in line because Henry insisted on using the drinking fountain, and then taking the elevator. As a result, we were nearly the last family in line for pictures with Santa. A moment later, I looked down and Henry was gone. By the time I found him, he was getting his candy cane from Santa. I didn't want to wait 45 minutes for a picture with Gigi, so I snapped one of Henry alone on Santa's lap and we took off. I think Henry's just in it for the candy.
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday 12/7/11: An Act of Violence

Taken as Henry accidentally hit himself with a roll of wrapping paper, because everything is a weapon in the hands of a little boy. He also is very good at using the wrapping paper as a baton.

Tuesday 12/6/11: Now With Gun Noises

He points the blaster and says , "Shoot! Shoot!"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday 12/5/11: Her Only Gear is Reverse

She's not exactly scooting, and it's not crawling, but somehow she is propelling herself backwards.

Sunday 12/4/11: Gigi and Her Plush Pillow

Saturday 12/3/11: Church Christmas Party

This Santa is a member of our ward. He and his equally kind wife regularly volunteer to hold Gigi at church. Unlike most Sundays, she didn't spit up on him when he held her this time.
Henry got to visit with Santa twice. The first time he had pushed his way to the front of the line and we were looking for him out in the hall. By the time we found him he already had a candy cane. The second time he waited with me an Gigi an we took a picture.

Friday 12/2/11: That Must Have Been Delicious

Friday night at a friend's house I managed to tip an entire pizza upside down in the oven, because I am awesome like that. The pizza mess was only slightly larger than the one made by Henry with a cookie.

We went to a local village's Christmas walk. Henry petted a reindeer, got a candy cane from Santa, and had a poinsettia painted on his hand. Georgia stayed bundled up in her car seat.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday 11/30/11: Bath with Fewer Tears

We've been working on making baths less traumatic. Nick has done a great job of getting Henry to be calm in the tub and play with toys. Henry still goes crazy when it's time to wash his body and especially his hair.