Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday 11/29/11: She Loves Carrots

She is still spitting up, all over everything and everyone. I've decided we're just going to switch to pale colored baby food for a while longer.

Monday 11/28/11: Caesar's Worst Nightmare, Part II

No matter where I put her on the bed, she would roll over to Caesar and pull his hair.
I have no idea why Caesar never moved.

Sunday 11/27/11: Bedtime Bonding

He wears this backpack everywhere, and he tries to wear it to bed.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday 11/26/11: Sneaky Baby

How does she keep convincing me to bring her to bed?
She's six months old today.

Friday 11/25/11: A Visit with Santa

I met Nick downtown after he finished his work at Northwestern. We went to the Christkindlemarket, but it was so crowded it was like being at Walmart at midnight the night before (which I also did.) Since it was not any fun, we decided to walk over to Xoco, a Rick Bayless restaurant. We ate there about 7 months ago, but at that time I accidentally ordered soup and it was spicy. The menu is in Spanish terms and comes with no glossary. We decided to go look at the lights on Michigan Ave, and on the way we decided to go into Nordstrom on a whim. By whim, I mean we needed to use their beautiful and clean bathrooms. We stumbled onto this Santa event sponsored by Windows 7 and Southwest. The kids got their pictures with Santa, they demonstrate photomerge (Santa's head on Gigi's picture is from a different shot) which was very cool, they printed a picture, then email them to you. FOR FREE! Great Santa, right? That's a real beard. However, because we were surprised by this, my kids were dressed for comfort and warmth more than looks. If I had known we would have taken their Christmas outfits, and now that it's colder I probably won't take them downtown again before Christmas.
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday 11/24/11: Watching the Parade

Henry insisted on holding Georgia. Moments after this was taken, he dropped her onto the couch.

Nick made it home from work in time to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with our friends, the Marcucci's.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday 11/23/11: Playing with the Dog

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday 11/22/11: 55 Weeks Late is Better Than Never

Around Halloween of last year, I was pregnant, super tired, and very nauseated. I always meant to get a good picture of Henry in his costume but never did. So finally, more than a year late, I put it on him and snapped a picture. Enjoy!
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Monday 11/21/11: Playing at IKEA is Hard Work

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday 11/20/11: Surgeon & Patient

We cooked a full turkey, mostly because we never have before. It was delicious. Nick was, of course, very skilled in carving it. It also made the best turkey gravy ever.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday 11/19/11: Touchdown BYU!

Friday 11/18/11: Would You Like Fries with That?

We took Georgia to the doctor's office to be weighed. Henry was upset when we arrived because he remembered the ultimate betrayal that took place on his last visit- the flu shot. He was upset and kept crying "not touch Georgia." While his concern was touching, it was not making things easier. I told him we could go to McDonald's and play when we were done.
Georgia had gained 8 oz in five weeks.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday 11/15/11: Haircuts

I'm not quite sure how we were so lucky, but Nick didn't have to go to work today! It was so nice to spend the day together. We went to the Y, and Henry liked their child care area so much he wouldn't come home. "No, I stay here." I suspect their toy car ramps and parking structure had something to do with that.

In the afternoon, Nick and Henry got haircuts at my friend's house.
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Monday 11/14/11: Last Second Picture

A picture of Henry sleeping, which as usual, meant that as I was going to bed for the night, I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet. So I hopped out of bed, and took a picture of my boy who will not sleep straight, or with his head on the pillow, or under covers.
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Sunday 11/13/11: It's a Beautiful Morning

Nick had the whole weekend off, which is such a treat. I think I will be sad when this rotation ends because the schedule is so good (relatively speaking of course.) He's getting home at about 7:00 every night, which means he's actually coming home every night. He is working very hard Thanksgiving day and through that weekend, but these weekends are enough of a perk that it's worth it (from my perspective.)

The primary program was today. Jo Ellen helped me format the printed program, which saved me hours of frustration. My next big project for the primary is the budget, and to get everything ready for the new year.

Saturday 11/12/11: He Calls it His Motorcycle

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Friday 11/11/11: So Close, Yet So Far

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Thursday 11/10/11: GG and Her Mobile

But most importantly, Happy Birthday Liz!
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Wednesday 11/9/11: Hanging Around the House

We got home late the night before. Henry fell asleep before take off and I had to wake him up to get off the plane. Georgia was a little fussier than usual, but at least I was only dealing with one kid during the flight. We needed today to recover from the late night, and run to the grocery store since Nick had been totally out of fresh food since returning the week before.
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Tuesday 11/8/11: The Highlight of His Vacation

Of all the things Henry did or saw while he was on vacation, his very favorite may have been playing with this payphone.
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Monday 11/7/11: Recovering Back at the Room

More than half our group was sick and didn't go anywhere today, including myself. This nephew was watching shows on "The Disney Channel." As they were playing, I was thinking "This is SO STUPID" and he was laughing hysterically. Being forced to watch them was almost as bad as the nausea and vomitting.
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Sunday 11/6/11: An Enchanted Castle

Things seemed to be looking up. Georgia was better and so in the afternoon we headed over to the park. It was a beautiful sight to see the castle decorated for winter with its "icicles." However, the evening was marred a little bit when one nephew threw up in line, and another on the bus. This virus seemed to run a short but furious course.
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Saturday 11/5/11: Wild Animals

These are all six of my parents' grandkids. They're each wearing a Disney piece of apparel that Toot's got for them. I think she wanted something matching, but they don't really sell anything that spans sizes from tiny baby to tween. If there's a next time, perhaps we will plan ahead and order matching shirts.

You would never know it to look at her, but Georgia was sick when this picture was taken. She got sick while we were at the park, and about an hour after this picture I was within moments of taking her to the ER when she seemed to perk up. I saw improvment and so held off going to the ER, and was just able to keep her hydrated back at the hotel.
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Friday 11/4/11: Too Cute Souvenir

They captured his extra-long lashes.
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Thursday 11/3/11: Until Something Went Horribly Wrong

There's only a few reasons you would leave a theme park early, having stripped your kid down to a diaper and none of them are good. Henry threw up all over his clothes, and maybe on some people's shoes, and got a little on my new stroller. I felt so bad he was sick, I bought the toy he is pointing at.
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Wednesday 11/2/11: My Best Flight Ever

This was the best flight ever because I turned the care of H over to my aunt. GG and I sat on another row, and for part of the flight took a nap. In retrospect, the big guy sitting next to me was probably a little surprised by sitting next to a nursing mother. He can blame his wife's seat selection for that one.
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Tuesday 11/1/11: J Rolling Around

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Monday 10/31/11: Happy Halloween!

 I sent Nick this picture of Georgia and myself, and he said, "Oh good.  You taught her to look dead for Halloween."
Henry wouldn't wear his costume to go trick-or-treating, but he wore his Thomas hat and sweater, which is basically the same thing. We went door-to-door with Dallas, Shannon, and the boys. Henry fell asleep in the stroller towards the end. Also, somewhere along the way I lost the key to Harrison's car (about $100 to replace), sorry!
It was the best halloween weather in years.

Sunday 10/30/11: Saying Goodbye to Nick

Nick flew back to Chicago and was immediately missed.
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