Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013/07/29 Great Grandpa Buddy

The kids and I visited Nick's grandpa, who is now living in Salt Lake. 
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Friday, August 23, 2013

2013/08/28 Sunday: Fun With Nana

Henry was living his dream when he had a chance to ride his cousin's mini 4-wheeler.  The dream was shattered when he had to give it back and there was lots of crying.  Samantha cut his hair today, so he can finally see again- his bangs were way too long.

Gigi was content to borrow a tricycle.  She loves bikes.

We had a fun day together and a great dinner.  Also, the kids have discovered where Debbie hides suckers, part of the magic of every grandmother's house.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013/07/27 Saturday: Our Day with Iuliana

We spent our morning with the Blakelys at temple square.  I always love visiting because it's so pretty, and because it's where I was married.  A while ago when Henry saw a picture from our wedding day, he said in shock, "You got married without me?" as if we had slighted him but not inviting him.

We still found time to goof off, just a little.
We made a new bride and groom blush by cheering as their photographer made them kiss.

Iuliana was excited when she spotted Elder Neil L Anderson, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve that lead the LDS Church.  He happens to live close to my brother in Bountiful.

We next grabbed lunch and spent the afternoon playing at the Discovery Gateway Children's museum.  They kids loved it, and would have been happy to live there forever.
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2013/07/26 Friday: Stereotypes Make Her Sad

Miss A, vacuuming in heels on the porch.  She's just missing the pearls to be Donna Reed.

But more excitingly, having Miss A here means that Iuliana is here!  Her little family is staying at my mom's for a couple of nights.  She and Trent went out tonight to celebrate their anniversary.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013/07/25 Thursday: Ha Breath of Life

We had a mini Hawaiian vacation because Hawaii came to us.  My mom, Nick's stepmom, the kids and I went to see Ha: Breath of Life at an amphitheater in West Valley.  They had a Hawaiian barbecue there, as well as shave ice, so the only thing we were missing was the ocean.  Ha is the show performed nightly at the Polynesian Cultural Center in L'aie, Hawaii.  It was in Utah as a special celebration of their 50th anniversary.  The show is wonderful, like I probably can't talk about without tearing up.

Gigi did fall off her seat onto her head right before intermission was ending.  It is amazing how quickly she stops crying if you give her a sucker.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

2013/07/24 Wednesday: Happy Pioneer Day

We watched the big parade on TV, then headed over to the park for more Handcart Days fun.  The crowd was bigger today.  The kids continued to spend all of Grandma's tickets on rides, fish pond, treats, and the boys got their face painted.  Gigi would have none of it.
Henry is green spiderman, because he wanted green not red.
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2013/07/23 Tuesday: Pioneer Day Eve

I love Pioneer Day, and don't want to pass up any opportunity to celebrate it.  We went to the float preview party, where Henry had his face painted and talked Katie into buying him ice cream.  In the afternoon, we went over to Handcart Days where Henry and Gigi spent all of Grandma's tickets on the fish pond and rides.

In the evening, we went to the parade.  My dad drove by in a truck as part of the parade, and we hurry and put Henry inside the truck with him for the ride.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013/07/22 Monday: The New First Class

Flying has become significantly easier now that everyone is old enough to walk onto the plane and have their own seat.  The electronics are better than a babysitter.  The dog is in his bag, underneath the seat in front of Gigi.  It was our first flight aboard Southwest's new, larger planes.  There is more headroom and a changing table in one of the two back bathrooms (finally).

We needed an afternoon nap to recover from our really, really early morning.  We then spent the evening in the giant kiddie pool.
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2013/7/21 Sunday: A Glimps of Eternity

Nick is sad because this game of "Chutes and Ladders" is lasting forever.  They've each been close to winning and then fallen victim to the chute that takes you back to the beginning.  It's the children version of ouroboros.
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