Friday, December 27, 2013

2013/11/08 Friday: Halloween Costumes Again

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2013/11/07 Thursday: Look at Those Lashes

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2013/11/06 Wednesday: Night Tantrum

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2013/11/05 Tuesday: Messy Mornings

The library activity is called "Messy Mornings for Munchkins."  So I guess we can't be too shocked that we ended up with finger paint all over clothes and hair.
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2013/11/04 Monday: Amy Gives a Haircut

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2013/11/03 Sunday: Dressed for Church

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2013/11/02 Saturday: No Place Like Home

Gigi found and had to have these shoes at the Walmart.

And I took pictures of my awesome neighbors.
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2013/11/01 Friday: The Wild Child

You know, we're just hanging out watching some TV.
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2013/10/31 Thursday: Happy Halloween

Our neighborhood is a destination neighborhood for trick-or-treating, so perhaps it is a little ironic we went to a different neighborhood.  We joined our friends in the Frank Lloyd Wright neighborhood of Oak Park.  The houses are beautiful, but farther apart and lots of stairs.  It was pouring the whole time.  We were exhausted when we decided to head back to our car, but Henry kept wanting to knock on the doors we passed, so we were really, really tired by the time we were done.  I made the mistake of not bringing a stroller for Gigi which was a huge mistake.

They were soaked through, but had lots of great candy to show for it.  (The very best candy, a full-size Fannie Mae mint chocolate bar was confiscated for scientific purposes.)  We went home with the plans that Nick would take the kids out in our neighborhood, but he didn't get home in time.  Still, I think the kids had as much fun passing out candy as they did collecting it.

Amy helped us pass out candy to the literally hundreds of trick-or-treaters.  We once again had lots of adults (many without any children) asking for candy, including a couple sets of adults that rang our doorbell an hour-and-a-half after trick-or-treating was shutdown.  Also, a hint for those who are out collecting candy: If you are planning on going to a house more than once to ask for candy, make sure your costume is not too memorable (for example, age-inappropriately sexy, overly gory, or super low-effort).  Even with more than three hundred people, I will remember you and not give you more candy.
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013/10/30 Wednesday: Party and Lego

Henry's preschool party

In the afternoon, we met a friend at Legoland for Brick-or-Treat
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2013/10/29 Tuesday: Johansen's Farm Again


Amy, her son Vincent, and her husband Travis are our family friends staying with us for an extended visit while Travis works in the area.  Much like Nick, Travis misses all the fun because he's at work.
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2013/10/28 Monday: Epic Tantrum

Today included Costco shopping, Ninja class, and a tantrum that will live in infamy.  Gigi was powered by pure rage and was able to use her Hulk strength to climb out of her car seat.
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2013/10/27 Sunday: Haunted House Brownies


My kids are amazing artisans, rights?
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2013/10/26 Saturday: Halloween Fun

Local village's Halloween walk

The amazing talents on my Friend Abby on display at the ward party.  That's a homemade Bowser costume.

Amy got Gigi to wear Boo's signature pigtails.
Nick was at work.
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2013/10/25 Friday: Boo Costume

Here is Gigi in her nearly done Monsters Inc costume.  My mom helped a lot, and figured out to make the outer shell layer with foam.  Also, my mom has never seen Monsters Inc (???really???) and doesn't think people will know who Gigi is for Halloween.
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2013/10/24 Thursday: Dress of My Dreams

We went to MSI, and to the special Disney exhibit.  Katie and I have always had a special place in our lives from Snow White (due to the Live from Radio City Music Hall event we watched so many times as a child).  This Snow White dress is velvet, and was made for Rachel Weisz to be photographed as Snow White by the world's most famous portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz.