Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday 10/29/11: Our Family

We blessed Georgia at my parents house today. We had a small gathering, including our parents and some siblings, to commemorate the event.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday 10/28/2011: Cousins

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Thursday 10/27/2011 Visiting with Aunt Angie

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Wendesday 10/26/2011: Orchard First Halloween Party

Cousin O was great about helping Henry through all the activities. Georgia grabbed some cotton candy, and wouldn't let go. I won a bag of candy corn by guessing EXACTLY how many were in the bag. It was a great party, but I have been out of the ward long enough that there were more people there I didn't know than people I knew. You can never go home again, but it is fun to visit.
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Tuesday 10/25/2011: Zion with Roses

Perfect weather, a great little hike, the bluest skies, and the best company.
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Monday 10/24/11: Just Playing Around

Taking a break on our road trip to St. George.
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Sunday 10/23/2011: Just Sitting Around

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Saturday 10/22/2011: At Samantha's Baby Shower

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Friday 10/21/2011: "Camping" with the Boys

Nick took V, O, H, and Nick's brother S on a hike, then roasted
marshmallows, then stayed overnight in cabins at a local RV park. My
kind of roughing it, especially since I stayed at the house.

Thursday 10/20/2011: Cleaning Up a Big Mess

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday 10/17/11: Autumn Leaf Pile Up

It took Henry a few minutes to catch the vision of playing in the leaves. Nick had to drop Henry in them a few times to show him how fun it could be.
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Sunday 10/16/11

Even post-call, he's a Cougar fan. The game took place Saturday, but he was able to watch it online on Sunday. It was a little bit like the pilot episode of Seinfeld, because we didn't want to know the result of the game so we had to stay away from the internet. Seinfeld only had to worry about phone calls- we had blogs, facebook, texts, and news online that could have all spoiled the surprise.
****Spoiler Alert***** We were excited to see them win.
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Saturday 10/15/11: Eating Butter

I couldn't find Henry, I had run through the whole house and he wasn't answering me when I called his name or used our special "paging noise." On my second time through the house, just before I was going to panic, I found him in the corner of the kitchen in front of the fridge, eating a cube of butter. No wonder he didn't call out to let me know where he was.
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Friday: 10/14/11

Natalie and I went to the zoo before she headed home. H & M had a really great time in the play zoo. G slept through it all. Nick got me roses for my birthday. See my other blog for some details.
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Thursday 10/13/11: Pumpkin Patch Farm Visit

We went to Johansen's Farm with our Ohio visitors. It was lots of fun despite constant rain. We waited for a half-hour for the train ride, but no one ever got in line behind us, so once we were on the train we went a total of four times. After this we visited IKEA, which proved to be too much. I think we all had a melt-down there.
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Wednesday 10/12/11: Climbing Out of G's Crib

Natalie L arrived at our house this afternoon. We know her from St. Louis, but now she lives in Ohio, and she is the best.
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Tuesday 10/11/11: Too Long at Doctors' Offices

We spent all morning at the doctor's office for the kids, then the
hospital for routine blood work for me. I could not find a parking
space at the hospital to save my life, so I caved and paid for valet
parking. This is the same hospital where Georgia was born about 15
minutes after we ditched the car at the entrance- the valet stand had
closed early that day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Monday 10/10/11: Columbus Day

It was Nick's day off, perfect weather, and Columbus day. This meant that when we went to the zoo, everyone else was there too. We had a long wait just to get into the parking lot. We still had lots of fun. After, we ate a burger joint that uses grass fed beef. It was delicious. Then we had a chocolate from Fanny May's- so expensive and not really worth it. I'd rather have another of these Oreo shakes instead.

Sunday 10/09/11: Family Outing to the Commons

We enjoyed a beautiful outing together to the village commons. While there we saw a wedding party complete with hummer limo, a quincenira, and what I think was a birthday party. It was a happening place.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday 10/07/11: Perfect Day at the Park

Another day of perfect weather. We need to enjoy these days while they last. The only sad part was that it was dark at 6:45. The days are getting shorter.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday 10/04/11: It's So Tasty!

Georgia tried to eat her feet during one of her outfit changes today. We went to the zoo today but I didn't take any pictures. It was perfect weather. I wanted to mention that so in February someone can remind me that Chicago had at least one day of good weather this year.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday 10/03/11: Costume Changes

This was Geogia's second outfit of the day, and there were three more that followed. She threw up on it as I finished buttoning it up. I'm really trying to savor the time I have with her as a baby, but a small part of me wants her to be six-months-old already so she'll stop throwing up on everything.

Sunday 10/02/11: Big Boy in Baby Bouncer

Georgia had her first rice cereal today, most of which ended up on her clothes.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday 10/01/11: Crisp Autumn Day

We had a great day. (By "we", I mean myself, Henry, and Georgia.). We did a lot of shopping (which normally makes for a bad day, but the kids were really good,) played at a playground, had pizza for lunch, bought Henry a new Thomas toy at Kohl's, and then spent the evening with his friend J. All day Henry was so excited to go to J's house, that every time we got into the car he would ask, "J's house now?". Henry was so good while we were at the store that I let him get pick out a Hot Wheels car for J and for himself. The cars were a hit.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday 9/30/11: Sticking Out His Tongue

Gone are my glory days of taking his picture. First he figured out what the camera was for, then he wanted to be the one taking the picture, and now he taunts me by sticking out his tongue.

This was taken at the first real birthday party he attended. It was for his friend E, who turned three. The theme was baby dolls. The highlight for Henry was the stroller race, which he loved and would be happy to do all day. I think he was the youngest kid there, and he was the Jimmy Johnson of stroller racing.
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