Saturday, April 4, 2015

2014/09/19 Friday: Ute Visitors

Lucy, Harry, and Bret flew in to Chicago, then we are all going to drive to Michigan to see the Wolverines vs Utes football game.  Unfortunately Doug didn't make it on a non-revenue ticket, and he didn't have a regular ticket lined up.

2014/09/18 Thursday: Back at the Zoo

This time we rode the carousel.  It's nice to have a membership and live so close.  We can just pop in for an hour.

2014/09/17 Wednesday: Out for a Walk

2014/09/16 Tuesday: Run to the Zoo

Spent a bit of time at the zoo today.  Henry had me paint his face like a penguin.  Gigi insisted on painting her own.  When we got home, she insisted that someone had "made my face crazy."  That's true, but "someone" is Gigi.

2014/09/15 Monday: Lion's Temple

Ingress (augmented reality game from Google) encourages you to explore the world around you.  I found this cool monument in a local cemetery, but its only marking is 1902.  It doesn't say who it was built for, and the cemetery worker didn't know either.