Friday, July 18, 2014

2014/03/31 Monday: Party at the Park, and Shots

His crown is from preschool.  He loves it.  Playgroup today was an awesome birthday party for Henry and his BFF that both had birthdays last week.  Jordan (BFF's mom) arranged it all.  I brought cupcakes and party hats and those things kids blow on.  They had so much fun and people brought so much food to share.  It would be nearly impossible to throw a better party, even if you spend a ton of time planning it.

In the afternoon, Henry had his checkup.  Gigi kept harassing our awesome doctor to give her a check up, so he put her on the exam table for a ceremonial auscultation.  Their exam rooms each have a theme.  We were lucky enough to get Toy Story.

Henry felt super, incredibly betrayed by getting shots.  He doesn't understand how much better they are than the diseases they prevent!

2014/03/30 Sunday: Special Guest

Henry's BFF got to sit with us in church because his mom was speaking in Sacrament meeting.  His dad was supposed to speak too, but called in to work to operate.  That's one way to get out of public speaking.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014/03/29 Saturday: They Haven't Missed Us

So basically, the kids had a non-stop party while we were gone.  I'm glad they didn't miss us too much, but you know I hate to miss a party.  Liz had already gone home by the time our early flight got to Chicago, and my mom went home just a couple hours later.  I feel like I didn't really get to see them.  Thanks for watching the kids, even if you did let Gigi stay up until 2 AM watching netflix cartoons!

2014/03/28 Friday: Happy Birthday Henry

We weren't there to celebrate Henry's birthday with him, but I think my mom and Liz more than made up for it.  They took my kids and two of Henry's friends to his favorite restaurant, where your food is delivered by model trains.
They came back to the house, had cake and ice cream, and I'm told "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" was a huge hit.  Jo Ellen sent him presents, the thing he has wanted most in the world- Rescue Bots.  

Nick presented his research.  The room was larger and more full of people than his photo indicates.
Once he was done, we did a small amount of sight-seeing in Boston, walking a large portion of the freedom trail, stopping for ice cream at McDonald's when it started to rain.  We also finally got cannoli from Maria's, which is only steps away from the trail.  It was delicious.  Nick said it's a virtual tie between Maria's and the place he had cannoli in Philadelphia in 2006.  That's some high praise.

It was then time for the closing banquet , nicknamed "Burn Prom".  We sat by a surgeon from Australia and nurses from California.  We always meet interesting people here.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014/03/27 Thursday: Boston Continues

The picturesque fire house is now a place of mourning.  Last night, the same winds that were pushing us around caused a back-draft explosion in an apartment building, killing two firefighters (one of whom was a conference participant), and injuring 13 other firemen.  

Nick toured the Shriner's burn unit, while I was able to get onto the Brigham & Women's hospital tour.  We did not tour the step-down burn unit as planned because injured firefighters were being treated there, and they were trying to keep unnecessary traffic out.  I did get to meet Dr Pomahac after he gave a presentation to our tour group about the burn and trauma they treat there.

Yesterday I attended a presentation from the Boston Fire Department and area burn surgeons on their response to the Boston Marathon Bombing.  It was very interesting.  There were six Trauma I centers within 2 or 3 miles of the finish line, which greatly improved the outcome for those injured.  There was also shown to be a big amputation rate difference between where people were treated, but the people with amputations may have a quality of life that's better than those who had traumatic limb salvage, because the prosthetic might work better than the salvaged limb (which may not work at all.)  Tonight we accidentally came upon the newly painted finish line for this year's marathon.  #BOSTONSTRONG

2014/03/26 Wednesday: Official Opening

The official opening of the American Burn Association annual conference was surprisingly moving.  There were bagpipes from the NYFD, and representatives from Boston.  It was beautiful when they performed the national anthem, and then I was a little surprised to immediately hear "Oh, Canada!"  They also payed tribute to the 1942 Cocoanut Grove fire, where nearly 500 died in a nightclub fire.  It was a turning point for fire safety and burn treatment in the US, and happened within walking distance of the conference.

I only grumbled a little bit when Nick's faulty GPS signal sent me walking, and walking, and walking to find "Ned Divine's", which was reported to have the best New England Clam Chowder in Boston, which after tasting, I am not convinced of.  The meal was good, but the chowder was pretty standard.  I am in no way regretting my decision to bring my overly large and fluffy winter coat.  It has been so cold and incredibly windy, and that's coming from someone who lives in Chicago.  Our only regret was eating mediocre cannoli at the bakery downstairs.  We were going to go to Maria's, a place famous for delicious filled-to-order cannoli, but as we were approaching the store, the lights turned out and they locked the door.

2014/03/25 Tuesday: Boston for Burns

We flew to Boston very early this morning to attend the American Burn Association conference, where Nick will also present his research his persistent anemia after burn injury.  My mom and Liz flew in sometime around 1:00 AM, Nick picked them up at the airport, then about 5:00 AM Liz drove us to the airport.  I am grateful they've come to watch the kids so I can attend the conference, but I'm sad we're missing the visit.

We got a free lunch for looking at horrible wounds and learning about how they can be treated using a novel surgical tool.

This picturesque fire station was across the street from the conference center.  I thought "All it's missing is a Dalmatian!" and then someone brought out a Dalmatian.  (The tiny white-ish thing in the right archway.)

2014/03/24 Monday: Filing Cabinet

We got this filing cabinet (for free) from the local facebook resale group.  The owner warned us how hard it would be to get out of her second story apartment, but with our Aldi brand dolly and tie down, it was nothing Nick couldn't handle.  Now, if only getting my files in order were so easy.

2014/03/23 Sunday: Essential Gigi

2014/03/22 Saturday: Healing Progress

This line is going to be visible for a while, but the giant mound has gone down considerably.

2014/03/22 Saturday: Gigi with Her Favorite Guy

This afternoon we watch my friend's twin babies for a little while.  I don't see how she ever gets anything done, including getting herself dressed.  They're adorable, but two babies at once is a lot to hold.

2014/03/21 Friday: Spring with Nick at the Park

Vacation Nick has time to go to the park on the first day of Spring, even if we all still need to wear jackets.

2014/03/20 Thursday: Home Repair Nick

After working with data for as long as he could stand, Nick got to work on the back-log of little home repairs.  He fixed our porch light.  We thought the fixture was the problem, so we replaced the old jelly-jar fixture with a much brighter flood light.  It still didn't work.  Turns out the problem was the switch had gone bad.  The new fixture is far superior to the old one, and much, much better at illuminating the gangway sidewalk, rather than just under the door covering.

He also replaced the upstairs bathroom fan, and the towel rack.  He used the 90 degree impact driver at some point during each project.

2014/03/19 Wednesday: Vacation Nick

Nick is on vacation, but that doesn't mean he's not working.  He's spending time catching up on hospital paperwork, fitting in the occasional home repair, and putting lots of time and effort into preparing his data and research for presentation at the American Burn Association conference next week.

Here, he's using his very favorite power tool, the 90-degree impact driver, to install a robe hook in the downstairs bathroom.  We've only been meaning to do that since the Shreeves came to stay several months ago.

2014/03/18 Tuesday: Library Craft Time

2014/03/17 Monday: The Kids Cut Their Hair

I was upstairs talking with a post-call Nick, when Henry ran upstairs and said Gigi cut her hair.  I ran downstairs to find a chunk of hair on the table instead of on her head, and scissors in her hand.  It then came out that Henry had cut a section of his hair because "it was sticking out," first, and then Gigi had followed after.  Gigi cut her hair so close to the scalp there's nothing to do expect let that chunk slowly grow out.  I took Henry to the local hair cuts place to have his cut shorter (which actually needed to happen anyway, but don't tell him that.

2014/03/16 Sunday: Henry versus the Wall

I don't quite know how, but Henry ran into a corner of the wall, and now looks like he lost the fight.  The edge of the corner hit his eyebrow, with now is a large raised bump with a vertical line for decoration.  Poor guy.

2014/03/15 Saturday: A Bit of Home Improvement

A while ago, the switch on the ceiling fan in the kids' room was acting funny, and our neighbors were getting rid of a ceiling fan as they remodeled their kitchen, so we put the "new" fan in the kids' room, but kept the old fan blades to put in our room (which had really ugly fan blades.)  We (and I mean Nick) finally got around to putting the new-to-our-room blades on our existing fan.  I'd say the fan is now 65% less ugly.

2014/03/14 St Patrick's Day Party

Don't tell Henry he missed a party while he was at school.  I took Gigi to the playgroup St Patrick's Day party.  She needed a few minutes to warm up to the idea, but then was off and running with all the other kids.  I think she loved the leprechaun hunt, which ended with the kids finding an amazing pot of gold themed cake.