Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday 8/20/2012: You Can't Always Get What You Want

My new wall art. I didn't know how we would hang it so high, but nick
just put it on the hooks left from a quilt rack the previous owners

Gigi was sad to not get something she wanted but can't have.

Sunday 8/19/2012: Samuri Gigi

She yells Hi-yah as she hits you with a foam sword.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saturday 8/18/2012: Spring Cleaning

We got some spring cleaning done.  Yes, I know we're half-way through August.  We rented a carpet cleaner.  The carpets still don't look new but it is a huge improvement.  Gigi played on the stroller while I cleaned out the van.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday 8/17/2012: Fire Engine Dreams Come True


Our Play group took a tour of a local Fire Station.  Henry was pretty scared of the fire fighter in his protective gear.  Part of the reason they host these tours is to familiarize kids with fire fighters so they won't hide from rescuers.  The firemen gave us tips on how to teach and prepare our kids for emergencies, but the big thing for kids this age was to teach them not to hide in an emergency.

Henry loved getting into the fire engine.  He seemed to know exactly how to drive a big rig.  Must run in the family.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thursday 08/16/2012: Wild Day at Home


Never trust a toddler.
I painted the kids' faces.  I had to let the paints dry before I could put them away.  The kids were given clear instructions not to touch them.  I left them playing in the toy room, and ran upstairs.  I came back down a few minutes later to find Henry painting Miss C's face in the kitchen.  Her left side still looks like a butterfly.  The lower right side looks like melted pastels.
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Wednesday 08/15/2012: Endless Partying

Henry wearing the free sunglasses from the zoo yesterday.  They broke minutes later.

The new grocery story that opened near us has a free ride.

Nick and I went to a Jazz concert at the Shedd aquarium.  We actually only heard about 20 seconds of jazz, but we saw the whole aquarium.  It confirmed my suspicion that Henry will be horribly afraid of the aquarium, and we were right to leave him at home.  The baby dolphin was adorable.
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Tuesday 08/14/2012: Zoo Fun

We accidentally went to the zoo on Children's day, which made it more crowded, but they were handing out free sunglasses. 
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Monday 08/13/2012: Baby Attacks Pizza

We made a quick family trip to Costco.
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Sunday 08/12/12: More Shoes for Gigi

She digs these painful heels out of my closet.
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Saturday 08/11/2012: Pink Party


The mall had a Back-to-School party, featuring Pinkalicious.  Since I know Miss E loves Pinkalicious, we invited her to meet us there.  They both enjoyed the dancing, balloon animals, and face painting, but Miss E won the grand prize, tickets to Pinkalicious!
I was busy talking to Lindsay while we waited in line for face painting, so I didn't notice when Henry must have told the painter he wanted the same decal as Miss E.  So they both had "hello kitty" on their faces.
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Friday 8/10/2012: A Little Friday Night Music


Nick and I went to the opera.  It's been so long since we went together, I can't even remember the last time.  It wasn't the big opera company in town, but the voices were world-class.  The American Chamber Opera is a small opera company that gives developing artists a chance at leading roles.  The opera was performed with very few props or costumes, but in the gorgeous setting of the First Methodist Church in downtown Chicago.  It was a great production, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some of those voices headline at the better-known Chicago opera company someday.

As we left, the news station was filming their broadcast across the street.  The anchor was wearing jeans.
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Thursday 8/09/2012: Party for Iuliana

Lindsay M hosted a party for Iuliana's visit.  It was very well attended, and I think had upwards of 20 kids.  Chaotic fun.
I didn't see it myself, but apparently a mortuary came and removed the earthly remains of one of  Lindsay's neighbors.  After a moment of reverent silence, Lindsay then asked us if anyone might be looking to buy a house in her neighborhood.
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Wednesday 08/08/2012: Zoo with Iuliana


Iuliana was in town visiting her family.  We had a great time at the zoo together.
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Tuesday 8/07/12: Slide Crash

We went to our Village's annual classic car show, but the kids were far more excited about the play ground.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Monday 08/06/2012: HVAC Problem Solved


 The AC repair guys came today, and they were great.  I highly recommend them.  Henry was very interested in everything they were doing, even if he is not that helpful.
Gigi is too daring.  She climbs onto the coffee table, then sort of jumps onto the couch.  She learned it from watching Henry.
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Sunday 8/05/12: Casual BBQ


We had some new and old friends over for a casual barbecue today.  Henry loves playing with Miss C.  I was releases from my calling in Primary today.
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saturday 08/04/12: The Face of Disappointment

I called the YMCA to find out when their family swim time was.  We structured our Saturday around it.  Nick took Henry to go swimming.  They got there just in time to be told that family swim time was over.  They came home without touching the water.  The desk at the YMCA had given us the wrong information.  Trying the new googles in the pool will have to wait.
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Friday 8/03/2012: Evening in the Backyard

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Thursday 8/02/2012: Ready to Explore

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