Friday, October 30, 2015

2014/11/27 Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

I love these two.  Nick had to work, but we had dinner with the Marcucci's, who understand when he shows up late.

2014/11/26 Wednesday: Who's Kid is This

Gigi at the Play Zoo.

2014/11/25 Tuesday: Baby Uggs

Ridiculous purchase of baby Uggs, but they're so cozy.  Bought from our local facebook resale page.

2014/11/24 Monday: Breaking Boards

It took more than one attempt, but Henry broke the board in Little Ninja Tigers tae kwon do.  

2014/11/23 Sunday: Doctor Nick

A Headshot of Nick for use with his plastic surgery application.

2014/11/22 Saturday: Last Morning With Grandma

Playing trains before we took Grandma to the airport.  On the freeway we passed a party bus, empty but smoking.  When I passed it going the other way, it was on fire with a mile-long line of cars behind it.

2014/11/21 Friday: Family Picture and Turkey Bingo

The Village's annual cheap family picture event followed by Turkey Bingo.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

2014/11/20 Thursday: Happy Boy!

2014/11/19 Wednesday: Happy Birthday Travis!

Travis, who is staying with us again to do some contract work in Chicago, celebrated his birthday today.

I had a crown put on using a very fancy 3-D scanner and milling machine process.  I broke the edge of a tooth off last week, which finally made me make an appointment with a new dentist.  We like this dentist, which will make it easier to go back.

2014/11/18 Tuesday: Frank in a Box

2014/11/17 Monday: Big Blowout

This always seems to happen at inconvenient places, never at home where you can give them a bath.

Also, today Henry took part in a product test, where they asked his opinion about a toy.  It's the first real money he's ever earned.

2014/11/16 Sunday: Grandma Nettie and the Circus

Grandma Linette loves the circus.  A lot.  She came to Chicago, along with Kate and Frank, to take the kids to the circus again.

2014/11/15 Saturday: More Phil

2014/11/14 Friday: Snowball Express

During the slow winter months, the zoo replaces their long tram with a little shuttle bus, the Snowball Express.  It will drive you around, and park in front of animals that you want to look at for a few minutes.  The best way to see the zoo in winter.

2014/11/13 Thursday: Frozen Fun

2014/11/12 Wednesday: Incredulous Philip

2014/11/11 Tuesday: Phil in the Car

2014/11/10 The Force is Strong

2014/11/09 Sunday: Clowning Around

2014/11/08 Saturday: The Greatest Show on Eart

We loved the circus.  Philip was mesmerized during the show.  I realize this isn't a good picture of him.

2014/11/07 Friday: Destroyer of Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2014/11/06 Thursday: Flu Shot Circus

I had to take all the kids with me to get my flu shot.  It's a circus.

2014/11/05 Wednesday: I'm a Sailor!

2014/11/04 Tuesday: Gigi Makes Faces

2014/11/03 Monday: Facepainting at Zoo

2014/11/02 Sunday: Baby in Overalls

2014/11/01 Saturday: Nick & Phil

2014/10/31 Friday: This Is Halloween

Phil was as cute as can be.

Henry and Gigi went trick or treating with coats over their costumes.  Henry was the Red Power Ranger.  Gigi was an off-brand cinderella.  They enjoyed the excursion, and their spoils.

2014/10/30 Thursday: Preschool Halloween Party

2014/10/29 Wednesday: Friends for Life

Phil, neighbor Olivia, and Gigi

2014/10/28 Tuesday: Kate's Fastest Visit Ever

Katie and my parents stopped in Chicago on their way home from France.  When we were two miles from my house, Kate decided she needed to go back to the airport to catch a flight.  We dropped my parents off and went straight back to the airport.  Super short visit, but better than none.

2014/10/27 Monday: Sad Baby After Shots Today

2014/10/26 Sunday: The Lovely Lloyds

2014/10/25 Saturday: Halloween Parties

Henry's soccer game in the morning, then trick-or-treating in Forest Park (including the church that had a bounce house and hot dogs), then we stopped by the party at the cemetery by our house.  They had some treats and gave each of the kids a pumpkin.  In the afternoon we had our ward Chili Cook Off and Trunk-or-Treat.

2014/10/24 Friday: Lagunitas

Gigi got stuck in a potty seat when she tried to climb through it, but I can't post that picture.  Nick and I went to a residency interview dinner at Lagunitas.

2014/10/23 Thursday: Phil

2014/10/22 Wednesday: Dog Will Sleep Anywhere

Jessica and her baby are back home.  Our dog will sleep anywhere, on anything.

2014/10/21 Tuesday: Surgery Museum

We went to the International Museum of Surgical Science on a free day.  We would had felt we'd overpaid otherwise, since neither of use were "wowed" by the museum.  Both Jessica and I wanted more gore.  Taking two babies anywhere is kind of tough.  And then you add in Gigi.  This speculum was the most terrifying thing there.

2014/10/20 Monday: Zoo and Freddy's

We spent a big part of the day with Jessica at the zoo.  We had dinner at Freddy's, and hit the jack pot and gave us some leftovers as they were closing.  Some of that included the gnocchi they had made a batch of just because we had ordered it.  #winning

2014/10/19 Sunday: Emil Bach House & Jarvis Beach

We decided to tour the Emil Bach house for our adventure with the Chicago Architectural Open House.  It turns out it has a really, really long and slow-moving line.  We parked at Jarvis Beach, then waited in line for a couple hours, each wearing a baby.  Gigi got to use the bathroom at the fancy bed & breakfast next door because we begged and were having a potty emergency.  Frank Lloyd Wright has never been so much fun.  The kids' highlight was when someone on the beach let them throw their balsa wood plane/glider.

2014/10/18 Saturday: Jessica is in Town

My friend Jessica is visiting today.  We went to MSI and stopped by the Robie House as we left, but they were just closing.

2014/10/17 Friday: Creepy Doll

This doll always makes me do a double take.  It looks like a real-ish baby, and so I've panicked more than a few times that the baby was on the floor or on the couch when I had left him somewhere else.

2014/10/16 Thursday: Cards from Toots

Finger puppets as a Halloween card.

2014/10/15 Wednesday: Man in the Mirror

Phil is very interested in himself in the mirror.

2014/10/14 Tuesday: Happy Birthday to Me!

Lindsay Moss brought me this cake yesterday.  It's a chocolate zucchini cake.  We saved half of it for today so we could sing happy birthday without me having to make my own cake.  This cake was the highlight of the festivities.

2014/10/13 Monday: Happy Columbus Day!

2014/10/12 Sunday: Nick's Ingress Shirt

Viva la resistance!