Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday 3/27/12: Outside Looking In

These two were imprisoned in the kitchen. Gigi was released for good
behavior, but Caesar had to stay for a while. We hosted preschool and
one of the kids is unnecessarily terrified of him.
Henry is so happy to be outside, he runs out without his shoes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday 3/26/12: Chef Nick

He made gnocchi Alfredo. He made the sauce from scratch and it was
delicious. Afterwards he said "Add canned Alfredo sauce to the list of
foods I would only serve my enemies." We agreed the gnocchi wasn't as
good as from scratch, but the difference was small enough it's usually
not worth the time.

Sunday 3/25/12: What Cookie?

Saturday 3/24/12: Gigi Getting Ready for Work

Friday 3/23/12: Quiet Flight to Birthday Party

We went straight from Landing at the airport to a terrific birthday
party for one of Henry's cute preschool friends. It was one of those
cute parties you see on Pinterest that makes you think you've been
doing it wrong your whole life. In my case, I will also continue to do
it wrong. There's no way I can match that for Henry's birthday.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thursday 3/22/12: The Happiest Day of His Life

Sarah took us to the Scottsdale Train park. She had told us it was a
train park, but I had no idea how great it would be.
We rode the train three times. The third time he wanted to sit in the
enclosed car, which is so tiny I sat on the floor and couldn't sit up

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wednesday 3/21/12: He Wants to Play Ball

We went to J's T-Ball game. Henry kept asking for "my game" and " my
team.". He was distraught that he wasn't playing. At one point he made
a break for the dugout. I realized where he was headed too late to
stop him. The oddest thing was that no one in the dugout seemed to
notice or care.
He does look like he's listening to the coach and ready to play. He
has quite the arm. If this were baseball instead of T- ball, they'd
have to watch out. He's got a wicked fast ball.

Tuesday 3/20/12: Summer Fun at Pages

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monday 3/19/12: My Favorite Kind of Flight

My friend Jessica, who works at the airport helped us to our gate.
That was convenient since Henry was busy having a meltdown over me
buying the wrong kind of water. The plane was delayed 50 minutes
because an overhead bin door broke. Henry was asleep a while before
take-off. Georgia even slept a few minutes on the flight.
On our way to sunny Arizona for a quick visit with some STL friends.
Next time we hope to actually plan in advance and see more people.

Sunday 3/18/12: I'm Batman

But it looks like the joker is getting away.

Saturday 3/17/12: Cousin B

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friday 3/16/12: Museums and Culture

We went to new Natural History Museum with Toots, and it was obvious
the building was designed to fit the architect's vision and not fit
the actual need of the people who would use the building.
I later took V and my kids to the Discovery Gateway Museum. Henry
loved most of it, but it was so crowded and with a lot of inadequately
supervised school groups. It reminded me too much of Lord of the

With this picture of Gigi and J, can you guess what happened next?

In the evening I went to the opera "Elixir of Love" with my dad. It's
such a light, cute opera. We happened to sit just a few rows away from
my Aunt Sharon and her husband- we had no idea they would be there.

Thursday 3/15/12: New Heights & Stranger Anxiety

We met Sarah G at Kangaroo Zoo, just like we did just over a year ago.
Only this time Henry loved it and was a little dare devil.
Gigi's stranger anxiety has now kicked in full-force, just in time to
visit with Aunt Angie.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wednesday 3/14/12: Cousins and Trucking

Gigi played with J while Henry was out trucking with my dad.

Tuesday 3/13/12: In Hot Pursuit

She chased that little ball all over the place.

Monday 3/12/12: First Class Entertainment

Sunday 3/11/12: 2 Cool 4 Church

Saturday 3/10/12: Sleeping In After a Rough Friday Night

Friday 3/9/12: Advanced Peek-A-Boo

 There was a "Girls Night Out" at Cheesecake Factory to both celebrate and mourn Iuliana's moving to Colorado.  It was planned on short notice and I was unable to find a sitter.  Iuliana said she'd rather I come with kids than not at all, so away we all went.  My kids were not perfect, but they were as good as could be hoped for.  The restaurant is very dimly lit (I used my phone as a flashlight more than once), so I couldn't tell Gigi's diaper had leaked until I picked her up and felt that she was wet.  I took her to the bathroom, which was only slightly better lit, and discovered she had poop from her armpits to her shoes.  Glad I had an extra outfit in the diaper bag!

Thursday 3/8/12: Happy Gigi

Wednesday 3/7/12: Redneck Visitor to Museum

My only regret is I didn't take his shirt off before he had it half-soaked.  But that means it was still half-dry when we left.  My friend Iuliana moved, and going to MSI was something we had talked about doing, and finally did it a few days before she moved.

Tuesday 3/6/12: Wagon Ride

Gigi's first wagon ride.  Yes, she is seat-belted in.  She loved in. Henry is perfectly capable of walking, but insists of riding since she is riding.  Caesar has no interest in riding in the wagon.

Monday 3/5/12: Roadside Consultation

After Henry fell and got a cut under his chin, I took him to Nick's
work for a consultation. Nick agreed that it should be glued shut, but
he made me do it. I'm not allowed to use superglue because I'm more
likely than not to glue my fingers together. So why did he delegate
gluing a wound to me?
The bottom picture is before glue, and still has dried blood so it
looks worse than it was.

Sunday 3/4/12: Awkard Photo of Nick

Catching an awkward pose of Nick, but a cute one of Gigi.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday 3/3/12: How Gigi Peek-a-Boos

She is either slightly confused as to the object of the game, or she
doesn't know where her eyes are.

Friday 3/2/12: Family Date Night

We went to the mall on a whim. Henry rode the train, twice. He just
happened to be dressed in a Thomas sweater over a Thomas Shirt.
He also got some candy and a gum ball= best night ever.
Gigi happily watched people from her stroller.
Nick got a massage at an Asian Massage clinic.
I found my favorite kind of bubbles. I'm very passionate about Mr
Bubbles by Tootsie Toys. They are significantly better than other
brands. I'd been looking for them for over a year, and nick would only
let me buy 4 bottles.

Thursday 3/1/12: Building a Mess