Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013/10/23 Wednesday: Kate Brought Some Band-Aids

And then Katie left them where Gigi could reach them.  Also, my kids seem to be allergic to the adhesive and their skin turns really red and itchy underneath the bandage.
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2013/10/22 Tuesday: Grandma's Bed

Grandma Nettie and Aunt Katie are here.  And the kids won't get out of their beds.
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2013/10/21 Monday: Card From Toots

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2013/10/20 Sunday: Gigi in the Hoodie

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2013/10/19 Saturday: Ice Cream Birthday

The kids were invited to an ice cream birthday party.  There were games, songs, chocolate milk, and getting to build their own sundaes with about half a pound of sprinkles on top.
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2013/10/18 Friday: All Aboard

Ran over to the mall, and couldn't escape without letting the kids ride the train.
We have family friends staying with us for an extended visit, and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.
I went out to dinner with some doctors Nick works with for "Girls Night Out."  I think it was the most expensive hamburger I've ever had (by a lot), but not the best.
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2013/10/17 Thursday: Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

We had a fun time at the library this morning, but in the afternoon the wheels were falling off the bus.  The kids were not getting along, I was frustrated.  So I decided to take the kids for a drive, because they can't hit each other from their car seats.  We then happened upon the Wienermobile!  We found them for the last ten minutes of their event.  The kids played the bean bag game, got Wienie Whistles, and our afternoon was saved!  It really turned the day around.
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2013/10/16 Wednesday: Still My Guitar Gently Weeps

I signed up for the beginner's guitar class.  I practiced like 10 whole minutes, so why do I not sound like Eric Clapton already??

I also took family pictures for Jamie today, but I can't share them before she sends out her Christmas cards.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013/10/15 Tuesday: Library Dance

Library time was hosted by a local dance studio.  Gigi loved it.  So did Henry.
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2013/10/14 Monday: Happy Birthday to Me!

Playgroup for Columbus Day (since kids are out of school) met at a park.  It started out a little chilly but ended up being beautiful.  People brought something to share for lunch.  We ended up staying 4 hours, and really only left because Henry had his little Ninjas class.  So, really, a pretty good birthday. 
Nick surprised me with an unexpected and super thoughtful gift- a year membership to the Association of Critical Care nurses, which gives me access to their continuing education classes so I can update my nursing knowledge.  He also gave me a USB microphone so I can improve my sound quality for the Virtual Choir projects I've participated in.
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2013/10/13 Sunday: Chanel for Babies

Gigi has just a couple outfits that I get excited about her wearing them.  This is one of them.  I bought it secondhand from my neighbor, but it originally came from Nordstrom so it must be classy.

Nick had this weekend off and is expected to work late tomorrow, so we celebrated my birthday tonight.  Nick made a lovely dinner and we put candles in a pumpkin pie.
 And it's always a party if you have party hats.

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2013/10/12 Saturday: Where are They Going?

They loaded themselves up in the stroller, with nowhere to go.  We were just getting it out of the way to help Nick straighten the garage.  He spent a lot of the day cleaning up the yard, inlcuding raking the leaves.  He made piles for Henry to jump in.  Even as the piles became smaller and smaller, Henry still insisted on jumping in the pile, until he was jumping into just a handful of leaves.
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Monday, November 4, 2013

2013/10/11 Friday: Best Friends Ever

Who except the best friends ever would come over with all their kids, bring a pizza, and sort through your kids' closet, drawers, and the mountain of clothes you just bought at a consignment sale?  So Abby and Jamie, I have to give you a big thank you because without you guys this never would have properly happened.  You're the best! 

Behold, a miracle!  An organized closet full of seasonably appropriate clothes that fit my children!
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2013/10/10 MSI with Friends

We all had a great time going to MSI with my friend Holli and her son R.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013/10/09 Wednesday: Taking Henry to School

They have suckers at the front desk of the village offices, in the same building where Henry goes to preschool.  Now Gigi feels she is entitled to a sucker every time we take Henry or pick him up from School.
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2013/10/08 Tuesday: When Geese Attack

Henry is keeping his eye on the geese, moments after one tried to steal his sandwich.  He was surprised when a goose came within inches of his face trying to sneak up on him to grab his sandwich.  He was only spared because a zoo employee noticed what was happening before I did and shooed the goose away.  We were all pretty startled by it.
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2013/10/07 Monday: The Dark Knight

McDonald's Play Land, Happy Meal toy.  A good time was had by all.
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2013/10/06 Sunday: A Visit with Friends

Gigi was in Heaven when she got to play with the toys of a two-year-old at Nick's co-worker's house.
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2013/10/05 Saturday: More Duplo Fun

We are getting lots of hours of play out of the blocks.  The kids need A LOT of encouragement to pick them up.
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