Monday, November 30, 2015

2015/04/27 Monday: California Adventure

Woke up early in Mesquite, loaded kids in car and headed to Disneyland.  Jessica went in early to work, then flew to LA, took a shuttle, and beat us to the hotel by a few minutes.  Partying at the park started almost immediately.  We lost Gigi within the first 10 minutes (found quickly), then wrote our phone number on her in marker.

2015/04/26 Sunday: Worst Idea Ever?

We decided to go to Disneyland.  It is my three kids, Walter, Jimmer, Frank, and we're meeting my friend Jessica and her 4-year-old there.  The other adults are Katie and my mom.  We're a little outnumbered.

We got two hours away from home when Walt woke up bawling that he didn't want to go.  So we waited while Dallas came to get him.  When Dallas got here, Walt wanted to stay with us so we continued on our way with him, just delayed two hours.

2015/04/25 Saturday: Party Time

It's party time at my dad's house.  Originally, they were going to have a 40th anniversary party.  But then my dad needed to be out of town, so there was going to be no party.  But then my mom actually held a "just for fun" party.  Even though it was rather last minute, I think about 90 people came, many of them children, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

2015/04/24 Friday: Liz in a Cab

There's enough of us (and a Double Bob) that I'm sitting next to the cab driver.  We are going to the airport and Liz is flying with us to Salt Lake.  It's so nice to have another adult with me.

2015/04/23 Thursday: Cheerios and Puffs

2015/04/22 Wednesday: Liz at MSI

Liz is here, and we went to the MSI.

Babies Stuck Under Things

2015/04/21 Tuesday: World's Fastest Birthday Party

Kate and Frank were traveling home from Aruba on standby.  Bret had a ticket and went straight home, but Kate would have been stranded in Atlanta with no seat forward, so instead she flew to Chicago.  We picked her up late last night.  In the morning, we quickly made cupcakes, decorated the high chair, threw on some party hats, and sang Happy Birthday.  Then we took them to the airport.  He was barely awake at all while he was at our house.

Happy Birthday, Frank!

2015/04/20 Monday: Phil Does Laundry

2015/04/19 Sunday: Homemade King and Queen

2015/04/18 Saturday: Saturday Morning, No Sleep for the Wicked

2015/04/17 Friday: It Always Ends in Tears

After a wonderful time at Sofia's birthday party, I shouldn't be shocked that we have a meltdown over party favors as we leave.

2015/04/16 Thursday: Many Hats

We took Nick to the airport for more rounds of interviews.

2015/04/15 Wednesday: Babies Happily Stuck Under Things

2015/04/14 Tuesday: Babies Stuck Under Things

2015/04/13 Monday: Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Our first (and probably last) time at a Cubs game.  The tickets were a purchase from the Oak Park Mom's resale page.  We bought a parking spot with Spot Hero.  Considering how troublesome Wrigley could be, it was an easy outing.  They won, but we left in the eighth because we had three small children with us.

We've got that checked off our Chicago bucket list.

2015/04/12 Sunday: Frank's Train Table

Kate and I bought Frank a train table a couple weeks ago, and now my Dad can take it to him.  Katie already took the trains that came with it.

The swing at the park after church.

2015/04/11 Saturday: Quality Time With Pop

He's inspired to drive by the time he spent with his grandpa.

2015/04/10 Friday: Pop is Here!

My dad parked his oversized load at a rest stop in Minooka, Illinois, and spent the night with us.

2015/04/09 Thursday: Singing in the Rain


2015/04/08 Wednesday: Getting Tall

2015/04/07 Tuesday: Phil Loves Technology

2015/04/06 Monday: Still Not Pajam Day

Wearing pajamas at the zoo, again, because you have to choose your battles.

2015/04/05 Sunday: When Daddy Comes Home

2015/04/04 Saturday: Village Egg Hunt

Village Egg Hunt.  Each egg has three deformed jelly beans in it.
Our own home-colored real eggs.

2015/04/03 Friday: Lunch

2015/04/02 Thursday: Pet Store Visit

When Caesar gets a haircut, we go visit the animals.

2015/04/01 Wendesday: Legoland

2015/03/31 Tuesday: Not Pajama Day at Zoo

It's not pajama day at the zoo, Gigi just insisted on wearing pajamas.

2015/03/30 Monday: Maple Park

Nick on his day off from Trauma service.

2015/03/29 Sunday: Gigi's New Dress

I found this dress (and two in bigger sizes that match) at a consignment sale yesterday.

2015/03/28 Saturday: Happy Birthday, Henry!

And he's 6!  He got a few presents from friends (even though we said No Gifts, Please.)  And grandparents sent some lovely gifts.  Jo Ellen sent exactly what he wanted- Beyblades.  I don't understand why he wanted them so badly, but he is very excited.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

2015/03/27 Friday: Henry's Party

We invited Henry's kindergarten class for a birthday party.  His class has 18 boys and 4 girls.  Not everyone came, but it was a very boy-weighted average.  It was chaos.  It was so crazy I couldn't do the games I had planned.  I had originally anticipated a park party, but the weather this week ended up being very winter-ish, so we had to be indoors.  They loved pizza.  And running. And screaming.

My friend Lizzy came with her kids and was our face painter.

In the evening, I took the kids to the Triton Troopers Circus, the annual performance of the community college's circus classes.  It's fun, cute, cheap tickets, and cotton candy is only $1.

2015/03/26 Thursday: Track Suit Gigi

2015/03/25 Wednesday: Two Bottom Teeth

The cutest baby.

Henry has now lost two bottom teeth.  We took Nick to the airport, again.  Then I went to pick up probably my best Oak Park Mom's resale deal so far.  I bought a slightly used pair of the kind of shoes Nick wears in the OR, in his size.  His current pair is very worn- they have small holes on the side where he's worn through the leather.  But these shoes are painful to break in, so he doesn't want to go through that again.  This used pair, for $7 when they were $120 new, was just worn long enough to begin the painful breaking-in process, but not finish it.  Their feet must have been too sore and they gave it up.  (Once you break them in, Dansko shoes are the best shoes there are for standing in the OR.)

2015/03/24 Tuesday: Good Advice

Good advice from a cake at the Relief Society dinner.