Friday, July 18, 2014

2014/03/31 Monday: Party at the Park, and Shots

His crown is from preschool.  He loves it.  Playgroup today was an awesome birthday party for Henry and his BFF that both had birthdays last week.  Jordan (BFF's mom) arranged it all.  I brought cupcakes and party hats and those things kids blow on.  They had so much fun and people brought so much food to share.  It would be nearly impossible to throw a better party, even if you spend a ton of time planning it.

In the afternoon, Henry had his checkup.  Gigi kept harassing our awesome doctor to give her a check up, so he put her on the exam table for a ceremonial auscultation.  Their exam rooms each have a theme.  We were lucky enough to get Toy Story.

Henry felt super, incredibly betrayed by getting shots.  He doesn't understand how much better they are than the diseases they prevent!

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