Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014/03/25 Tuesday: Boston for Burns

We flew to Boston very early this morning to attend the American Burn Association conference, where Nick will also present his research his persistent anemia after burn injury.  My mom and Liz flew in sometime around 1:00 AM, Nick picked them up at the airport, then about 5:00 AM Liz drove us to the airport.  I am grateful they've come to watch the kids so I can attend the conference, but I'm sad we're missing the visit.

We got a free lunch for looking at horrible wounds and learning about how they can be treated using a novel surgical tool.

This picturesque fire station was across the street from the conference center.  I thought "All it's missing is a Dalmatian!" and then someone brought out a Dalmatian.  (The tiny white-ish thing in the right archway.)

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