Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014/03/27 Thursday: Boston Continues

The picturesque fire house is now a place of mourning.  Last night, the same winds that were pushing us around caused a back-draft explosion in an apartment building, killing two firefighters (one of whom was a conference participant), and injuring 13 other firemen.  

Nick toured the Shriner's burn unit, while I was able to get onto the Brigham & Women's hospital tour.  We did not tour the step-down burn unit as planned because injured firefighters were being treated there, and they were trying to keep unnecessary traffic out.  I did get to meet Dr Pomahac after he gave a presentation to our tour group about the burn and trauma they treat there.

Yesterday I attended a presentation from the Boston Fire Department and area burn surgeons on their response to the Boston Marathon Bombing.  It was very interesting.  There were six Trauma I centers within 2 or 3 miles of the finish line, which greatly improved the outcome for those injured.  There was also shown to be a big amputation rate difference between where people were treated, but the people with amputations may have a quality of life that's better than those who had traumatic limb salvage, because the prosthetic might work better than the salvaged limb (which may not work at all.)  Tonight we accidentally came upon the newly painted finish line for this year's marathon.  #BOSTONSTRONG

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