Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2014/02/17 Monday: Everything is Awesome

Today was a super fun family day!  Nick had his biweekly days off from his trauma rotation, so we packed the fun in.  Coincidentally, it was everyone's family fun day since it's a holiday.
Nick started the day off by taking the kids sledding at the park at the end of our block.  After many, many times up and down the hill, they came home and made pancakes.  
We then went to the Chicago auto show.  They didn't have Power Wheels for the kids to drive this year, and because we were there on the last day/holiday, it was quite crowded.
The kids loved climbing in and out of the cars and pretending to drive them.
We then grabbed a couple of Happy Meals, and spent more than an hour getting home on the freeway in blizzard conditions, but the kids napped so it wasn't exactly wasted time.  I dropped Nick off at Costco, went to our house to tend to the dog, and then returned to get Nick and his purchases.  (Yes, we live that close to Costco now.)  We went next door, woke up our sleeping kids and took them inside the mall to see The Lego Movie.  At first Henry didn't want to go in the theater because it was already dark, but we carried him in, and within about 30 seconds he was engrossed in the movie.  Everyone enjoyed it.  We finished off the day with the mall train ride and ice cream.  We were all tired at the end, but it was a spectacular day. 

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