Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014/02/03 Monday: Last Day in Paradise

I had brought these outfits specifically to take the kids' pictures on the beach in them.  Of course, I waited until the last possible minute to do it, and it was raining.

In the morning we went to Kualoa ranch.  Katie and I stayed back at the visitors center while everyone else went on a wild Jeep ride.  As we lounged, we got a courtesy call letting us know our flight tomorrow would be something like 16 hours late.  We called the airline back and managed to all get  put on a different early morning flight to Los Angeles (instead of San Francisco) and then a different airline entirely from there to Salt Lake.

We went bowling at the university campus.  The lanes were terrible, but cheap.  We weren't even interested enough to play the full game, mostly because we had to get back to the house and pack.  My mom and dad were in one minivan, and Kate and the kids and I were in the other.  We pulled in the driveway just moments after my parents, so imagine our surprise when a slender Asian woman also got out of their van.  We were totally confused.  As it turns out, in the time it took us to wrestle the two children and their ice cream cones into the car, my parents met this woman, befriended her, and convinced her to get into their car.  She did mention that she had seen my dad around campus a couple times before, since we've been making about daily visits to the printing center and had lunch at their farmers market a couple of times.  Since we were leaving in the morning, my parents wanted to give away the bicycles he had bought through an Army surplus auction for us to ride around on.  This woman and her husband were the lucky recipients.

So yes, we're nice, but maybe she's a little too trusting.

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