Monday, December 7, 2015

2015/05/26 Tuesday: Gigi's Birthday!

She began the day with a morning fit for a queen, including a crown and jewels.

Settled into her favorite princess outfit.

We recruited the local neighbors to have enough people to call it an actual party.  I had the ninja turtle masks and party hats in my supply closet.

My friend Lizzy came with her kids, and graciously painted faces again.  The musical candle was ordered from amazon well in advance.  The fancy cake was serendipity- my neighbor's MIL had been given a fancy cake for her birthday by her baker sister.  But the MIL was going out of town, so she gave it to Michelle (my neighbor).  Michelle told me "what am I going to do with this giant cake?"  I then told her Gigi's birthday was Tuesday (this was Sunday.)  The cake was kept in the fridge, I carefully removed the MIL's name from the cake by lifting off the piping with a toothpick, and then added sprinkles, per Gigi's request.

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