Sunday, March 29, 2015

2014/08/30 Saturday: Fire Station & Weirdness

Playing Ingress led us to a local fire station.  Kids had a chance to climb into the fire truck, but neither one would.  The fireman we talked with turned out to have a mutual friend from Nick's work.

We decided to have dinner at the taqueria inside the grocery store across the street.  It turns out it had just closed, so I got suckered into buying them elaborate Popsicles instead.

We ended up going to the McDonald's closest to our house, and for a rare treat, went inside to eat.  After I took Gigi to the bathroom, someone told us that while we were away from our table a man came and drank out of our drink.  Gross.  I got a new cup of soda from the counter, which Gigi then spilled on the floor.  

There were far more people than usual there because of the nearby annual Italian festival.  Apparently, there was more weirdness, too, which is saying something.

Nick called, and after spending a day on the Lake on an attending's boat, needed me to pick him up.  But it turned into a fiasco because GPS can't tell the difference between Wacker Drive, Lower Wacker Drive, and the demon dungeon underbelly of Wacker drive.  That's right, there are three levels to Wacker Drive.  I had previously only known of two. 

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