Monday, March 23, 2015

2014/08/01 Friday: It's a Boy!

We were grateful for the safe arrival of our third baby, a beautiful little boy!  He weighed 9 lb, 11 oz.  Labor ended with a precipitous delivery that caught nurses off guard, and doctors mostly missed the event.  Katie flew in late last night.  My mom tried to pick her up at the airport but got lost.  Gigi explains it as "she took a left, and a left."

Nick is an amazing labor coach, except he tried to make me listen to rock music.  I nearly threw the speaker across the room.  I highly recommend Hawaiian music.

My mom, Kate and Patti brought the kids to the hospital shortly after the baby was born.  He's about three hours old in this photo.  We had a very seasoned labor nurse (about 40 years experience), and by chance another nurse was in the room when baby came quickly.  This second nurse happened to have recently graduated midwifery school, but had three more shifts to work as a labor nurse before she started the new job.  So, Molly, the soon to be midwife, delivered the baby.  He was mostly born when the doctor came in and started yelling something to her (the only thing in the process that made me nervous).

I got to cut the umbilical cord.  Nick gets to cut human parts all the time, so I think the novelty is really worn off for him.

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