Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2014/08/05 Tuesday: Neighbor Baby

We got a text message at three in the morning, "Are you up?"  It was our next door neighbor Michelle.  What she should have said was "Send over Nick right now.  We need to leave for the hospital."  She's far too polite.  We were up (thanks, Phil), but she should have been pounding on our door if we weren't.  Her plan was to have her sister come watch her older kids when she had her baby, but it turns out there wasn't time.  Nick ran next door, and Michelle left for the hospital.  I think her sister arrived to her house about the same time the baby was born.  It's a girl!  Michelle also didn't find out until the birth the gender of her baby, but she was convinced it would be a boy.  Surprise!

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