Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014/05/08 Thursday: Museum and Farm Day

Our membership to MSI also gets us into several Utah museums.  So, we spent the morning at Discovery Gateway children's museum with cousin J, and the afternoon at the Thanksgiving Point farm with cousin B.  The funny part was I had called and asked if my membership would get me into the new Thanksgiving Point museum of Natural Curiosity.  They told me it would, so I asked Samantha to meet me there.  What they hadn't mentioned was the museum didn't open for another couple of weeks.  So we changed our plans slightly and went to the farm instead.  The kids had a great time.  Samantha was forced to take B on the pony ride over and over again.  My kids overcame their fear of horses momentarily, but only for long enough to ride once.  Gigi said she wanted to ride again, but then wouldn't.  We also went on a carriage ride as a group.

We ducked inside a building when it started to rain, and I ran into my friend from high school, Kyle.  It really is a small world.

I then had dinner with my friend Hillary, who lives next door to my friend Brian in Utah county.  They knew each other before they were neighbors there, because they were friends when both lived near the U during college.  And I know them each independently of each other.  Hillary had us all over for dinner.  It was so fun, and so nice to get to know Brian's wife better.  It's not just a small world, it's tiny.

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