Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014/05/03 Saturday: Wedding Bells

Deborah, Nick's mom, married today.  I was the photographer for the event.  I do know I'm not skilled enough to really be trusted with people's wedding day, but I was needed today.  I studied a lot in preparation, but when you're there I feel like most of your prep knowledge disappears.  I feel I need a lot more practice.  A lot.

The event was lovely.  Last night Deborah and her family came to set up the decorations, and things looked beautiful.  An additional BIG thanks to my family for doing a great job of making it a beautiful and delicious affair.  Our kitchen "staff" included SIL's Megan and Lucy, my sister Kate, and my friend Jessica.  The men helped set up and take down, so thank you Nick, Brett, Sam, Harry.  Toots, thanks for helping watch my kids.  And Doug and Linette, thank you for being such great party hosts!

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