Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014/04/29 Tuesday: What Happens in Vegas, Gets Delayed in Vegas

It's miraculous that you can get from Chicago to Salt Lake in a day.  However, today's flight was a little less miraculous, and a little more challenging than our usual.  We boarded the plane is this crazy nook of the airport we've never been to before,  It's Midway's equivalent of Platform 9 3/4.  There was no room to sit down and we were packed in the terminal, which was a glorified hall, like sardines.  We boarded the plane, and sat and sat.  They were having a maintenance issue.  As we continued to sit, we realized Henry had left his backpack in the bathroom.  We called the airport, the police had the backpack.  If it wasn't claimed today it would get shipped off to a warehouse.  Katie called them and talked them into delivering the backpack to our plane.  We were still sitting on the plane at the gate when it was delivered.  After about 3 hours on the plane, we finally pushed back.  We clearly knew we were not making our connection in Vegas.

When we got to Vegas, we had new tickets for the next and final flight that night from Vegas to Salt Lake.  That flight ended up being delayed, so we spent a lot of time sitting next to a vending machine charging my phone (pictured above.)  Although the day was long, there were no major meltdowns.  Caesar really had it the worse since he had to spend about 5 extra hours in his carrier.  Rough day for him for sure.

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