Monday, June 2, 2014

2014/03/02 Sunday: Orchid Show and Little Prince

We went to the Chicago botanical garden to see their first annual Orchid Show.  They have the Missouri Botanical Garden beat by sheer volume, but much of it is using existing orchid greenhouses, which feels a bit like cheating.  Missouri has Chicago beat on artistry though.

The kids loved it when a volunteer showed them some plants they could touch while we were in a desert room.  We went home and Deborah made us a fabulous pot roast dinner.

That evening the adults attended Lookinglass Theater's production of "The Little Prince."  It was amazing.  I have seen a lot of plays in my time, so when I say this is one of the best plays I've seen, it really means something.  My cousin Kristy collects copies of "The Little Prince", and now I understand why it's a work you would focus on and try to remember its lessons.  And those who know it understand that my children are my roses.

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