Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015/02/01 Saturday: The Most Beautiful Sight in the World

This is Nick arriving safely home, which to me is the most beautiful view in the world.  Yesterday afternoon, Southwest canceled his Sunday flight home.  He has a big test he can't miss on Monday (the annual ABSITE exam), so he immediately threw his stuff in his bag and started driving to the Denver airport.  Katie and I researched some options and came up with one, though not desirable, possible way to get home.  We bought a last-minute ticket to St Louis on a budget airline.  Nick barely made the flight.  With the time it took to return the rental car, I thought he was going to miss it.  They had to de-ice the plane twice before it finally took off.  He landed in St Louis about midnight, rented a car and headed north on I-55.  He was then driving through the very storm that had caused his flight to be canceled, which I found very worrying.  He drove to Midway airport to return the rental, then took a cab home since we couldn't really get the minivan out of the garage.  He got home at 1:00, probably less than an hour later than if he had taken the planned flight.  Only instead of enjoying the conference, their closing banquet and a good night's sleep in an expensive resort, he drove all night through a blizzard.

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